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How to use the Calculator

If you insert the parts total in US Dollars, the freight and insurance in US Dollars into the form – it will calculate the TOTAL COST of importing the product into the country.

This is the actual COST TO YOU which includes GST if over AU$1,000 as well as a MINIMUM “Import Declaration Charge” of AU$48.85 (which may be more depending on the specific part).

NB/ GST is calculated on the cost of goods ONLY – NOT freight and Insurance.

Disclaimer: This form is to provide an indication only as the Import Declaration Charge may be far greater, as can the Credit Card Surcharge. These are all charges that are beyond our control. So the pricing above is indicative only. E & OEM.

Industry Preservation

  • Support the V-Twin motorcycle industry in Australia. The dealers (listed here) can sell to you at a price equal to, less than or very close to what you will normally purchase online.
  • Use the Calculator to Prove it!
  • These Business’ are true blue Aussie V-Twin Enthusiasts – Save your Industry – & Save yourself some $$ – purchase locally!!