Arlen Ness Velocity 65 Air Cleaner Kit

Arlen Ness Velocity 65 Air Cleaner Kit

New from Arlen Ness, the Velocity 65 Air Cleaner Kit is a leap forward in high performance air cleaners. The 65 degree forward-facing angle, combined with the inverted top scoops in massive amounts of air, from the sides and front of the air cleaner. The forward-facing design has been engineered with maximum airflow and legroom in mind.

The Velocity 65 features patented Big Sucker™ “hidden breather” technology. Ness hidden breathers are o-ringed at the heads and exit out the mouth of the injector/carb to provide efficient engine breathing, eliminating the need for any external hoses or hardware.

Each filter is constructed from synthetic material that is water resistant, which in most cases eliminates the need for a rain sock. Filters are re-usable and do not require oil, just rinse and re-use.

The Ness Velocity 65 Air Cleaner Kit is available in black or chrome for M8 models, 1991up Sportsters and selected 1993-2017 Big Twins.

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