FEULING Vented Dipstick for M8 Touring Models

FEULING Vented Dipstick for M8 Touring Models

*** Update 22nd August 2019 – Now available for Softail and Touring M8 models! ***


Feuling vented billet dipstick screws into the factory oil fill spout as a stock replacement part on M-Eight Touring models.

This breathing dipstick removes unwanted build-up of blow by, which is found in engines with excessive leakdown through the rings/cylinders which is a common issue with large displacement big bore engines. Test results show a decrease in engine sump oil levels.

The Feuling dipstick vents excessive pressure from the oil tank through a breather system consisting of a filter element and umbrella valve.

Feuling Vented Dipsticks are available in Chrome or Black for M8 Touring Models and are proudly distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Rollies Speed Shop. 

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