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Wild Bore, 600 Watt Amp x 4 Speaker Kit. Fits 2014up Touring Ultra Models.

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MFR PART No: Wild-Boar-Ultra


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Product Details


* 2014up FLHTK Limited Ultra Classic

* 2014up FLHTC Ultra Classic

* 2014up FLHTCUG Tri Glide Ultra

Features & Benefits:-

* 600 Watt amp with R.E.M.I.T. mounts on top of radio inside fairing

* 200 Watt front speakers blend seamlessly into front fairing

* 150 Watt rear speakers fit perfect into factory rear speaker in.podsin.

* Supplied wiring is 100% Plug & Play

* No crossover, gain, or EQ adjustments make installation very easy

< P>* All required mounting plates, hardware and wire are included

* System is easily expandable to add lower speakers or lids

Included In Box:-

* 1 Pair of WBC 1654 Front Fairing Speakers

* 1 Pair of WBC 1654 Rear Speakers

* 1 WBA 600.4 Amplifier

* 1 Mounting Plate For Amplifier

* 1 Complete Plug and Play Wire Harness

* All Required Hardware To Complete The Installation

* 1 Installation Manual

Tech Tips:-

Requires NO radio reflash if stock Ultra (4 speaker no amp) is still in radio.

Note: The WBA 600.4 Amplfier is a Class D design. It should be understood that ALL Class D amplifiers, regardless of brand, cause a reduction in FM reception. The REV 225-AA features a proprietary circuit design called R.E.M.I.T. (Reduced Electro Magnetic InterferenceTechnology) that Hogtunes believes gives the BEST FM reception available for any Class D Amplifier designed for a motorcycle.If you add a 2nd or 3rd model amplifier to your

MFR PART No: Wild-Boar-Ultra

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