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34 Tooth Compensator Eliminator Sprocket. Fits Breakout 2013up & Rocker 2008-2011.

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MFR PART No: EVO-1012-1254
ROLLIES PART No: EVO-1012-1254



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Product Details

Features & Benefits:-

* This Solid 34 Tooth Motor Sprocket Conversion Eliminates Slippage & Noise From Compensator.

* Made Out Of High Strength 4140 Tool Steel.

* Heat Treated Then Black Oxide Coated.

* Significant weight savings over stock. Less weight means a faster throttle response and launch from the line

Suggested Additional Purchase’s

Sprocket Bolt Kit: EVO-1004-3011

Primary Chain: BC-59-1205

Primary Gasket: CG-C9150 (Twin Cam) or CG -C10248 (M8)

MFR PART No: EVO-1012-1254
ROLLIES PART No: EVO-1012-1254

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