Rekluse Clutch Revolution

RadiusCX Clutch. Fits Sportster 1994up.

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MFR PART No: RMS-7915006


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Product Details

RadiusCX is the next evolution in stall-preventing auto clutch technology for Harley-Davidson Sportster models. This top of the line product brings together the latest innovations in one package- the EXP auto clutch disk, billet aluminum Core components, and TorqDrive friction disk technology. The auto functionality provides perfect power delivery every time. Power transfer is increased over OEM. Core components deliver improved oil flow over wide temperature ranges. TorqDrive friction disks pr ovide longer clutch life with less adjustment over time.

Features & Benefits:-

* Converts stock diaphragm spring to six coil springs. Billet pressure plate and center clutch included.

* Take off and stop in gear without using clutch lever

* Centrifugally activated technology automatically prevents engine stalls

* Cruise through traffic like you’re on the open road – You don’t have to hold the clutch in at a red lights or in heavy traffic anymore

* Effo rtless low speed maneuverability

* Increase in torque capacity for reduced wear, reduced heat and increased power transfer capability

* Standard clutch lever function with full override

* Shifting transmission remains unchanged (clutch lever use is recommended for shifting)

* No modification to stock components

MFR PART No: RMS-7915006

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