124ci Twin Cam B Engine – Black. Fits Softail 2007-2017.

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    MFR PART No: 310-0253
    ROLLIES PART No: SS310-0253

    SS310-0309 SS900-0569


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    Product Details

    Features & Benefits:-

    * Engines are fully assembled up to the intake port face, therefore the customer will need to purchase a stock length manifold & air cleaner to complete the installation of the hard parts.

    * 4-1/8in. Bore.

    * 4-5/8in. Stroke.

    * 10.8:1 Compression with Flat Top Pistons, EN plated & Moly Coated Skirts.

    * 640GE Easy Start Cams.

    * S&S Gear Pump Oil Pump.

    * 1 year Warranty.

    Why Buy S&S over SE120R?

    1.) 4 cubes Larger.

    2.) EZ Start Cams.

    3.) Upgraded to Timken Sleve & Timken LH Bearing.

    4.) Better oil pump, cooler temperatures, 83% more scavenge.

    5.) Adjustable pushrods.

    6.) Roller Rockers.

    Proudly Made in the USA by S&S Cycle !

    MFR PART No: 310-0253
    ROLLIES PART No: SS310-0253

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