93″ Alternator/Generator Style Knuckle Engine with Natural & Black Finish.

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    MFR PART No: 106-2560
    ROLLIES PART No: SS106-2560

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    Product Details

    * Will NOT fit stock knuckle frames.

    * Cases have 1948-99 style lower motor mts.

    * Requires manufacture of top engine mount

    * Super Stock Ignition

    * 1 Year Warranty

    * 3-5/8in. Bore x 4-1/2in. Stroke

    * 8.2:1 Compression Ratio

    * Forged Pistons

    * E Carb

    * Cast generator cam cover

    MFR PART No: 106-2560
    ROLLIES PART No: SS106-2560

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