128ci Big Bore Kit with Chain Drive 550 Camshaft, Highlighted Fins & Chrome Pushrod Tubes – Black Granite. Fits CVO Milwaukee-Eight 2017up with 117ci Water Cooled Engine.

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MFR PART No: 310-1107B


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Product Details

Features & Benefits:-

* 117ci to 128ci Big Bore Kit

* Fits Water Cooled CVO FLH Models.

* Chain Drive.

* Black Granite CVO Finish with Highlighted Cylinder Fins.

* Bolt-On Kit.

* No Case Machining Required.

* 4.250in. Bore.

* Forged Pistons.

* 11.1 Compression Ratio.

* Includes Oil Pump & Cam Plate.

* Precision Machined from Billet Aluminum.

* Blue Anodized Finish.

* Passage Plugs Removable for Servicing.

* Inde pendent Scavenge Sections for Flywheel Cavity & Cam Chest.

* Debris Screens in Both Scavenge Pickups.

* Magnet in Cam Chest to Help to Stop Debris from Entering Oil Pump.

* Increased flow capacity on both feed (+44%) & scavenge side (+58%)

* Adjustable Pressure Relief Valve is Adjustable with Unit Installed in Engine.

* Includes Pushrods.

* Quickee Pushrods with Chrome Pushrod Tubes.

* Includes Tappets.

* S&S Premium Tappets.

* Includes Tappe t Cuffs.

* Hard Anodized Black Coating.

* Billet Aluminum Construction.

* Stronger than Stock Material Eliminates Distortion.

* Improve Tappet Stability in High Lift & High rpm Situations.

* Includes Cam.

* S&S 550 Chain Drive Cam.

* Designed for Big Bore Applications.

* Includes Valve Springs.

* Works Well with Cams up to .605 Lift.

* High Performance Conical Single Wire Spring.

Tech Tips:-

* Must Purchase S&S M8 Head Bolts

MFR PART No: 310-1107A

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