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Maximus Tuner. All HD Delphi EFI models 2001up

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MFR PART No: TR4-002-002
ROLLIES PART No: TR4-002-002


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Product Details


Needs communication cables if being installed by end user.

* Most advanced, easy to operate flash tuning tool for all fuel injected Harley-Davidsons

* Once tuning is complete, the kit is simply unplugged until the next tune

* Allows for backing up and restoring original maps, as well as re-flashing stock ECUs and performing routine diagnostics

* Fast data acquisition and many hours of data storage provides accuracy and saves time

* Provides powerfrom the motorcycle for wideband o2 sensors and will record/monitor wideband o2 sensors

* Tuning features include the ability to modify front and rear cylinder fuel/spark tables separately, air/fuel ratio, warm up fuel, cranking fuel, closed loop, acceleration/deceleration, rev limiter and the ability to restore original map

* Easy to use auto mapping feature

* Diagnostic features include key fob coding, speedometer calibration, read and clear diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) andsystem relay testing

* Requires use of Windows based PC, laptop or tablet

* Made in the USA

* Can be used on one motorcycle an unlimited number of times, but not multiple bikes

* This product must ONLY be used in such a way as to ensure the vehicle remains compliant with the relevant emission control requirements.

* Responsibility rests with the installer to ensure appropriate test equipment is used to validate the above.

MFR PART No: TR4-002-002
ROLLIES PART No: TR4-002-002

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