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Maximus Direct Link Tuning Key. Fits H-D 2001up with Delphi EFI.

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MFR PART No: TR200053-M01



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Product Details

* Extensive, professional and easy to use flash tuning capabilites

* For use with the TechnoResearch VCM-TR3 communication module (included in Centurion Pro and Pro Plus Diagnostic Kits)

* Auto mapping feature greatly reduces tuning time – instead of making cell-by-cell adjustments

* Modify fuel and spark tables (front and rear cylinders), air fuel ratio, warm up fuel, cranking fuel, closed loop, acceleration and deceleration, rev limiter and knock control

* Fuel, spark a nd AFR real time cell tracing

* Simultaneous modification of both front and rear cylinder fuel and spark tables

* View data using strip chart or digital dashboard

* Data logging and data analysis features

* Save back-up calibrations and restore the original map

* Wideband o2 sensor controller interfacing

* Motorcycles VIN # is assigned to the one USB key but can be used on that motorcycle multiple times

* Made in the USA


This product must O NLY be used in such a way as to ensure the vehicle remains compliant with the relevant emission control requirements.

Responsibility rests with the Installer to ensure appropriate test equipment is used to validate the above.


MFR PART No: TR200053-M01

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