G2 Ergonomics

Quarter Turn Throttle System with Rail Style Grips. Fits H-D 1996-2017 with Throttle Cable.

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MFR PART No: 17-0513-Q
ROLLIES PART No: G2-17-0513-Q


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Product Details

* Includes Rail Style Handgrips with 1/4 Turn Throttle Tube

* Machined in the USA from high quality Delrin self-lubricating material!

* Quicker turning throttle system allows you to go from cruise to full throttle without re-gripping or rolling your palm off the grip.

As every Harley Davidson owner knows, the HD throttle pull is WAY TOO long! When making a pass or otherwise wanting full throttle, the long throttle rotation requires you to regrip or in.rollin. the throttle from your palm to your fingers to reach full throttle. That’s why we implemented our unique variable ratio cam to decrease overall pull. Now you can easily turn the throttle from cruise speed to wide open without jeopardizing your grip or taking your hand from the throttle.

MFR PART No: 17-0513-Q
ROLLIES PART No: G2-17-0513-Q

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