Slim LS Dual Seat with Red Double Diamond Lattice Stitch. Fits Touring 2008up.

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MFR PART No: 808-07B-162RED


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Product Details

The Saddlemen Slim™ is designed for riders that rock the 200+ mile day rides. If you are looking for a high performance and streamlined look for your motorcycle while maintaining the comfort you demand for you and your passenger the Saddlemen Slim is just what you need. It is the ultimate Day Cruising 2-Up touring seat for Harley-Davidson touring models. Standard features include rider and passenger Gelcore™ Technology, spit-cushion lumbar area designed to sit you into the Gelcore™ instead of ha mmocking your body onto the cover like most OEM and aftermarket seats on the market.

Proudly Made in the USA by Saddlemen!

Tech Tips:

* Factory seat bumpers HD54395-10 must be removed from the frame. If they are not removed, it can cause clearance issues and distortion of and damage to the seat.

* Seats must be handled carefully – If they are dropped, dragged or handled roughly, they will tear.

* Open the box with a blunt edge – Do NOT use a sharp edge !

* Top shock bolt covers must NOT be used – they will cut into the seat.

MFR PART No: 808-07B-162RED

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