REVO-A Series, 13in. Adjustable Rear Shock Absorbers – Gold. Fits Dyna 1991-2017.

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MFR PART No: 1310-1743
ROLLIES PART No: LEG-1310-1743


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Product Details

Features & Benefits:-

* Gold Anodized Finish.

* All the benefits of the new REVO shocks above plus six external knob adjustments allow fine-tuning of rebound.

* Provides optimum rebound performance for any given rider weight, personal ride quality preference, or personal riding style.

* Light to heavy riders can fine-tune ride preference.

* Aggressive to casual riding styles can tune to desired quality or personal preference.

Tech Tips:-

* If you are pu rchasing longer or shorter suspension, confirm that changing your Suspension travel will not cause clearance issues.

Made by hand in Sturgis, South Dakota, USA !

MFR PART No: 1310-1743
ROLLIES PART No: LEG-1310-1743

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