REVO-A Series, Adjustable Rear Shock Absorbers – Black. Fits Softail 2000-2017.

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MFR PART No: 1310-1973
ROLLIES PART No: LEG-1310-1973



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Product Details

Features & Benefits:-

* REVO coils improve ride quality, control, & resistance to bottoming-out

* Minimal preload adjustments when changing riders, weights or loads

* Billet Aluminium 45mm smooth bore twin tube design with 25mm piston reacts quickly for improved fluid flow

* Sandvik Deflective Disc valved damping self-adjusts to frequency & ensures controlled performance

* Low friction sealing system and PTFE based sliding bearings improve performance & feel

* External knobs provide 3 adjustments for fine-tuning of rebound

* Stainless Steel tie bar design and construction

* Available in standard length shocks only for optimum ride quality and performance

* Black Type Hard Coat Anodized

* Easy Installation and Adjustment

* Sold in Pairs

Tech Tips:-

* Heavy Duty application are recommended for 110kg+ rider & passenger total weight. Also consider Heavy Duty if most of your riding is 2-UP, stunt riding, or aggres sive riding style.

*Before fitting, check the front shock mount stud has

approx. 57mm of exposed Thread. After fitting there should be

approx. 8mm of thread protruding past the Nyloc lock nut.

*Shocks are supplied on the softest setting – Sag or preload must be set

prior to test riding the vehicle.

*A short, thin 7/8in. open end spanner is best to perform the Sag or

preload adjustment

*Apply a liberal amount of CRC or similar penetrating lubricant to

the preload Nut area before attempting any preload adjustment

*Turn the 7/8in.AF preload adjusting nut Counter Clockwise

to Increase the spring preload.

*When Increasing preload – Do NOT turn the 7/8in.AF preload adjusting nut

out any further than the 3rd or final preload reference line

*Take care when placing the bike on the jack not to damage the Shock

or Rebound adjusting knobs

Made by hand in Sturgis, South Dakota, USA !

MFR PART No: 1310-1973
ROLLIES PART No: LEG-1310-1973

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