Noisy or Ticking Lifter

New lifters may come prepped with assembly lube to protect them while stored
this could make them slower to bleed.  Its normal for lifters to take a while to bleed up , by the time you have heat-cycled the gaskets the ticking should have subsided, although it can sometimes take up to a 20klm gentle ride.

For new Lifters or existing lifters that have been disassembled & cleaned
use an oil can to pump oil in the side oil hole & pump until oil comes out the top
this wont pump the lifter up hard , but it will help the lifter to pump up much quicker on initial start up

Minute particles of rust & debris can find their way into the lifter – If you have a tick that wont go away
we suggest complete dis-assembly of the lifter, a thorough clean, then re-assemble & test.

Jims Tappet Pump Test tool # JM-765 is a valuable asset to any workshop

See the Jim’s Lifter test tool JM-765 in action below.

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