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The Harley-Davidson V-Rod series stands out as a special blend of muscle, street and drag style.   If you own a V-Rod then you clearly enjoy Power at your finger tips.  These were a great bike straight out of the factory but you can always make improvements.

Here is our quick list of the 10 Best Upgrades for V-Rods.

Of course there is a lot more you can do but we had to cap the list to 10 or this article would be huge lol

Feature Photo Credit: Jobson Motorcycles

V-Rod Performance Upgrades

Assault 2-into-1 V-Rod Exhaust by Trask Performance

A top quality 2-into-1 exhaust for your V-Rod.  Made of 16GA stainless steel, mandrel bent then gas purged & TIG welded. 

The joints are double slip fit and gusset for additional strength. 

Trask’s unique design includes heat shields with tie-wired fasteners giving it a race inspired look.


Click the link for more information including video & audio of this awesome V-Rod Exhaust

Heavy Duty Billet Clutch Basket by Trask Performance

Trask Perofrmance are known for building bikes with huge horsepower so you know they build quality parts that can take a pounding.

This special V-Rod Clutch Basket can handle the stress of all your power upgrades.  When you want reliability while pushing it to the extreme then this is a must have.

Note: Can handle engine builds making in excess of 300 horsepower; strongly recommended for engines producing 100 horsepower or more.

PART No: TP-TM-2014

Clutch Kit by Barnett Clutches & Cables

This is the perfect combo to match up with the Trask Clutch Basket.

This set consists of 9 Carbon Fiber Friction Plates, 8 Steel Plates & 4 Heavy Duty Clutch Springs.

Designed for V-Rods this kit won’t slip. The friction plates have a lot more contact surface area than the stock parts. Better grip, better heat spread, more power to your wheels when you need it. 

PART No: B-303-30-20040

Adjustable Air Shock Absorbers

These are the ultimate for style & comfort in Suspension…

The biggest benefit of Air Shocks is that you can adjust your ehight while sitting on your bike. Instant adjustments to make it perfect for the riders weight and ride style.

You can also drop the rear end of your bike right down when parked because we all know it looks awesome when you do that. 

PART No: LEG-1311-0109 (Legend Suspension)

PART No: ARN-MC-3110 (Arnott Suspension)

Stainless Steel 11.8″ Front Wave Disc Rotor by Galfer USA

When you have great acceleration and top speed you need to balance it with great stopping power.

Galfer-patented Wave® rotor is made from a proprietary mix of virgin high carbon 420 stainless steel, laser cut (never stamped), double disc-parallel ground to assure perfect parallel flatness and heat treated to each specific application.

Galfer work with top level race teams so you can trust in them to understand braking control in extreme conditions.


V-Rod Style Upgrades

V-Rod Fender Eliminator Kit by New Rage Cycles

This is easily the best way to tidy up your rear end with a sleek look and bright LED amber turn signals and red brake light.

A perfect fit and a streamlined look for your number plate.  This kit is a direct plug in for Aussie models.


Raked Triple Tree Kit by Hawg Halters

These are available as an 8degree rake for 26″ wheels and 6degree rake for 23″ wheels.  They fit V-Rod 2012-2017.

This will position your front wheel approx 2″ forward providing good stability and improved responsiveness.

Combine this kit with a mean looking Revel or Paramount Wheel by Performance Machine and your bike will become a show stopper.

PART No: HHI-55VFRAR6 (6 Degree Rake)

PART No: HHI-55VFRAR8 (8 Degree Rake)Heathen

23″ x 3.5″ Heathen Wheel by Performance Machine

23″ Wheels that look this good are the reason you need that Triple Tree Kit. 

This Heathen Wheel is Gloss Black with Contrasting Highly Polished Accents (also available in a 26″ version)


Ps. also checkout the Paramount, Revel & Luxe wheels by Performance Machine

Satin Black V-Rod Hand Levers by Rollie’s Speed Shop

These are a simple thing but that’s what makes them beautiful.

No frills, no fuss, just a sweet black slimline hand lever that’s perfect for a V-Rod. 

PART No: BAI-H07-0788MB

5-3/4″ LED HeadLight Insert with DRL by Hog Lights Australia

If you enjoy some night riding then it’s best to upgrade your headlight for something as powerful as your V-Rod.

This LED Headlight insert will help you see and be seen.

These are shock and vibration resistant and the assembly mounts into your existing OEM headlight housing

It’s a quick & easy install that lights up the night and improves your safety.  LED’s are rated for 30,000hrs (appx. 10yrs of 8hr/day operation)


Under Perch Turn Signals by Rollie’s Speed Shop

these mini under perch indicators contain a super bright LED behind a smoked lens to flash amber.

These are made of CNC machined aluminium so they are built to last.  They are available in black or chrome

PART No: BAI-L22-0229MBE (Black)

PART No: BAI-L22-0229CE (Chrome)

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