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Wholesale Distribution

Committed to the Australian Motorcycle Industry

  • We refer all sales from the general public to our network of dealers
  • The largest range of parts for V-Twin motorcycles in Australia and New Zealand
  • More than 100 Brands
  • Industry leading technical advice and customer service

After having been in business for more than 40 years, Rollies Speed Shop has seen it all. From humble beginnings as a high-performance workshop, to bike dealer, to distributor of parts from more than 100 manufacturers, one thing has not changed – our commitment to the motorcycling industry in Australia.

As our portfolio of parts and manufacturers grew, our focus shifted to wholesale distribution. In 2015 we closed the doors to retail customers and focused on becoming the best wholesaler of aftermarket V-Twin parts in the country.

40 years in business has given us a great perspective on what it takes to succeed in the motorcycle industry in Australia, and as a result we aim to support the local bike shops and dealerships across Australia and New Zealand that buy from us in every way we can. This includes referring all sales enquiries we receive from retail customers to a Rollies reseller of the customer’s choosing.

Our trained staff can give you advice on anything from the smallest part, to full custom builds. We pride ourselves on providing our network of dealers with exceptional technical advice and industry-leading customer service that you can only get from an experienced V-Twin specialist.

Committed to Supporting Retail Customers

While we ceased retail operations in 2015, we understand that riders are the heartbeat of our industry.

The Rollies Speed Shop staff can assist any rider with enquiries no matter how big or small. Whether you’re looking for replacement parts, performance upgrades, or a full custom build, our experienced parts & accessories experts can help you find what you are looking for.

Looking for Parts?

With more than 10,000 parts from more than 100 manufacturers, we’re more than likely to have the part you need. We stock OE replacement parts to keep your bike running, high-performance parts to make it run better than ever, and custom upgrades to make your pride and joy look it’s best.

About to buy? Or just bought?

Ok, so you’ve just bought (or are just about to buy) a new bike. Whether it’s fresh off the showroom floor, or it’s been sitting in a garage untouched for decades, there’s a lot of things you can do to make it your very own.

But where to start? Engine upgrades? Aesthetic style? Better handling? That’s where we can help. Our V-Twin experts can help get your bike going in the right direction. Find out what parts perform best, what upgrades go hand-in-hand, and where you’ll get the most band for your buck, from the team that specialises in H-D upgrades all day, every day.

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