A Word About dyno number From industry leader S&S:

With a motto like “Proven Performance®”, which is a registered trademark of S&S® Cycle Inc., it is very important that we be able to back up our claims regarding performance. It is also vitally important to be able to evaluate new designs in our development process. One of the tools we depend on for both of these functions is the chassis dynamometer.

Something that needs to be understood about dyna­mometers is that the results from one dyno will not necessarily be identical to those from another dyno. So comparing results from different dynos is bound to create a certain amount of confusion. This is especially true with dynos from different manufacturers. How­ever, results of tests run on the same machine can be compared with a high degree of confidence. We can determine, for example if a performance modification increased power or torque, but there is a problem if you expect absolute values.

There are several brands of dynamometers which are in common use in the performance industry. These dynos will yield very reliable values for comparison, especially when tests are performed on the same machine. However values obtained from these dynos may not always agree. Which value is correct? It depends on who you ask.


In our literature and catalogues, we publish dyno results so our customers easily can see how our products improve performance over stock. However, it must be remem­bered that these are comparative values, and should not be taken as absolutes. If a similar or even identical engine or motorcycle is tested on another dynamometer, the results will more than likely differ.

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