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Club Style Harley-Davidson® Builds – From Garage To Glory


So, you’ve bought a new or used Harley-Davidson® and you have seen a few episodes of the Thrashin Supply Co vlogs and you and your mates want your bikes to look like theirs. Then the build you’re looking for is a “Club Style Build.” But what is Club Style? Where did it begin? And what can you do to your new ride to get there? All this and more will be answered in this article.

Club Style: Where did it begin

Although true to its name, early signs of Club Style builds can be traced back as far as the 1950s, following the Second World War, coinciding with the significant growth of motorcycle clubs in America. However, it didn’t evolve into its more commonly visualized form until shortly after the release of Harley-Davidson’s® 1982 FXR, heralded as the starting point for the modern Club Style look.

This model marked a pivotal moment, catalyzing a shift in customization trends and inspiring riders to embrace a distinct aesthetic characterized by a blend of style and performance modifications.

These modifications prioritize function over form in these builds, placing a heavy emphasis on aspects such as comfort, handling, and performance. The ultimate goal is to enhance both the riding experience, allowing for increased seat time, and the motorcycle’s overall capability.

During this period in Harley’s history, this achievement was remarkable, especially considering their challenging AMF years marked by awkwardness and a decline in quality. This turnaround enabled Harley-Davidson® to regain market share and effectively compete against Japanese motorcycle manufacturers.

“What made this bike so special?” you ask. It’s the frame. By enclosing components such as the battery, oil tank, and electronics within the frame, this bike achieved exceptional stability, thereby enhancing its handling. The frame was so remarkable that a modified version of it is still used today as the frame for Harley-Davidson® touring bikes. Then, in 1984, the Evolution engine arrived, heralding a new era for Harley-Davidson® by bringing reliability to the brand. The FXR promoted handling, performance, consistency, and good looks—everything fans of the motor company were clamoring for. With a solid handling and reliable performing platform, Harley now had enthusiasts and custom builders everywhere eagerly pushing the boundaries.

Club Style & Sons Of Anarchy (S.O.A.)

It would be remiss of us to discuss Club Style builds without acknowledging the significant influence of the hit TV series “Sons of Anarchy.”

“Sons of Anarchy” was an immensely popular show centered around a gun-running motorcycle club. With its strong ties to Harley-Davidson® and motorcycle club culture, the show revitalized the struggling sales of the motor company at the time. The majority of the bikes featured in the show were Club Style-oriented builds.

The impact of the show extended beyond the limited and aging audience of Harley-Davidson® owners thus increasing motorcycle sales globally. It elevated Club Style-Built bikes to a new level by showcasing them to a larger audience, many of whom may not have been aware that Harleys could have such a distinctive appearance. “Sons of Anarchy” inspired a new wave of custom builds, contributing to the evolution of the Club Style aesthetic.

Club Style Builds: What Goes Into Them?

Club Style builds, like all Harley builds, have the potential to be as detailed and expansive as any other customizations. However, achieving the modern Club Style look can often be accomplished with just a few bolt-on parts, readily available here at Rollies Speed Shop.

Key Parts For Your Club Style Build

Bars, Risers, & Controls

Crash Protection

Saddle Bags

These are the Key Parts you’ll need for building your Club Style ride.  Now, let’s look at each part in more detail…

Club Style Builds: Fairings & Windshields

Fairings and Club Style are two peas in a pod and have become statement pieces in modern Club Style builds, varying in size and shape—some minimal and contrasting, others large and extravagant.


Fairings are a fantastic addition to any Club Style build for multiple reasons, including:

  • Reducing wind impact on the body
  • Reducing rain’s impact on the body
  • Creating small storage areas in front of the bars
  • Reducing rider fatigue

All of these factors contribute to a much more functional riding experience.

But which brand should you choose for your fairing? Memphis Shades, of course! Memphis Shades offers a massive variety of fairings and windshields available to suit pretty much all makes and models of Harley.

All of these are customizable to suit the rider and are available at Rollies Speed Shop.

Memphis Shades Fairing Options:

Whether you’re looking to add a little style to your build or aiming to reduce the fatigue caused by large amounts of wind, Memphis Shades has options to suit everyone’s goals.


Road Warrior

Memphis Shades

Club Style Builds: 2-into-1 Exhaust Systems

Your exhaust system is undoubtedly the statement piece of your ride. It announces your arrival and draws people to check out your bike, creating personality at a glance. However, Club Style bikes prioritize function over form, and the 2-into-1 exhaust system delivers on just that.

Performance Exhaust Systems instantly provide a great boost in torque and add extra hp, boosting your top-end power, all whilst generating an exhilarating aggressive exhaust note, enhancing both performance and style.

When building a Club Style ride, you need an exhaust with serious attitude and we have a great selection to choose from at Rollies Speed Shop.

2-into-1 Exhaust Options:

Club Style Builds: Step-Up Seats

Now that you’ve tidied up your look with a fresh fairing and gained some extra pep in your step from your 2-into-1 system, it’s time to enhance your riding experience and feel more connected to your bike.

Step-up seats are aptly named, as they feature a flat rider section that transitions into a stepped-up pillion position. This design creates a more secure seating arrangement, offering not only lower back support but also a feeling of being locked into the bike. Investing in a high-quality seat is crucial for any rider, as premium features are designed to increase comfort, addressing the often lacklustre OEM seats.

Scroll down to explore some of the top options in the market for step-up style seats.  You’ll feel more in control while riding aggressively through twisties and enjoy longer ride times in comfort.

Le Pera Kickflip Seats

Saddlemen Step-Up Seats

Le Pera Tailwhip Seats

Club Style Builds: Bars, Risers, & Controls

Okay, we are really getting waist-deep into this build now. So, it’s time to focus on some of the crucial components of any good build: your hand and foot controls.

You might ask, why are these important? Well, for several reasons. Moving away from OEM components to solid aftermarket part setups not only boosts rider confidence but also enhances the overall handling of the motorcycle, which is essential in any Club Style build.

There’s nothing worse than cruising through the twisties and having your mini apes fold at the top clamp, ending up in your lap. So, transitioning to a moto bar and riser setup is crucial for these types of builds.

Enter Thrashin Supply Co… Thrashin Supply Co is undoubtedly the go-to brand for all things Club Style. Few understand the demands riders have for their bikes, and even fewer strive for their level of quality. They offer rider-tested and proven bars, risers, grips, foot pegs, and more in multiple styles to appeal to everyone, all crafted with aircraft-grade quality.

When it’s time to upgrade your controls, look no further than Thrashin Supply Co.

Thrashin Supply Bars

Thrashin Supply Risers

Thrashin Supply Foot Controls

Thrashin Supply Grips

Thrashin Supply Gauges

Thrashin Supply Accessories 

Club Style Builds: Crash Protection & Saddle Bags

It’s time for the finishing touches because if you’ve followed along to this point, your bike should be optimized for maximum smiles per mile, and you may be looking to start shredding some more aggressive mountain roads or planning some longer trips. Either way, crash bars, and saddlebags are imperative for multiple reasons.


Crash bars:

  • Protect your bike in the event of an accident, whether on the road or parked.
  • If you’re running mid controls on your bike, a crash bar gives you the
    ability to stretch out your legs and rest your feet during long rides
  • Lastly, if you do drop your bike, most have a heavy-duty plastic bar end that are replaceable for less than $100, allowing you to hide your embarrassment.


  • Provide space to bring basic hand tools in the event of an emergency.
  • You can store phones, wallets, keys, and other essentials that you would otherwise need to carry.
  • A place to store rain gear in the event the weather turns sour or jumpers in the event of temperature changes

These last two items are not always essential for those looking to complete a Club Style look. However, riders that include them in their build plan very rarely take them off or move onto new bikes without taking them with them onto the next build due to their extremely useful features.


Keep reading to see what options we have for crash protection and saddlebags, right here at Rollies Speed Shop. 

Saddlemen Saddle Bags

Burly Brand Crash Bar Kits

Thashin Supply Saddlebags

Club Style Builds: Suspension

If you’ve reached this point, congratulations on completion of your Club Style build! However, if you’re relishing the results of your hard work and seeking to extend your riding time, consider upgrading to performance suspension. This investment is always worthwhile, regardless of your bike’s style or model, as it resolves common issues found in OEM suspension systems.

Upgrading your suspension offers several benefits:

  • Smoother ride feel
  • Reduced front fork dive
  • Improved handling
  • Lower chance of bottoming out
  • Increased comfort and ride time

These advantages allow you to push your bike to its limits while enhancing overall safety. While not crucial for achieving the Club Style aesthetic, upgrading suspension is a wise choice for all riders. Enter Progressive Suspensions, established since 1982, is a leading brand in Harley-Davidson® suspension upgrades, trusted by riders worldwide for their high-quality enhancements. All of which are manufactured with absolute precision to ensure the finest quality suspension available. 

Progressive Suspension
Monotube Kit

Progressive Suspension

Progressive Suspension

6 Solid Examples of Club Style Builds

Why Build A Club Style Bike?

Now that we understand the general ins and outs of what comprises these builds, let’s revisit the question of why build a Club Style Bike?

The answer is simple: they are well-rounded, fun-to-ride bikes. They can be quickly adapted for all riding styles whether you want to shred mountain roads, hit the race tracks, or even simply commute.

With simple yet functional modifications they become capable of pretty much whatever you would want to try your hands at. With their relaxed riding style and classic Harley-Davidson® heritage looks and styling it’s extremely hard not to appreciate their aesthetics.

If you have any questions about building your own Club Style ride, please call us on 07-3252-5381 or click here to contact us for advice and/or a quote on parts.

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