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More Horsepower is always FUN!

99% of the time it’s better to have too much horsepower at your fingertips, rather than not enough.

You don’t always have to use it but it’s “Peace of Mind” knowing that you have more power in reserve for those moments when you need to get moving quickly.

Maybe you need to overtake a car or truck… Maybe you need to get up a steep hill… Maybe you just want to leave your friends eating your dust just for the fun of it!

The 475C Chain Drive Camshaft is a true 100+HP Bolt in Cam for 2017up Milwaukee-Eight Harley-Davidson models.

How Much Difference Can a Camshaft Make?

Let’s check out the results from a couple of different builds using the 475C Camshaft…

2018 114ci Softail Fatbob – S&S 475 Cam

Awesome cam for 114ci when you like to ride hard. Huge gain in HP & TQ.
Also works well in the 128ci kits if later down the track you go a big bore cylinder kit as well.

S&S 475 Cam                                    # SS330-0641
S&S Tappet Cuffs                            # SS330-0655
S&S Quickee Pushrods                   # SS930-0137
Feuling Lifters                                  # FE-4000
Maximus EFI Tuner                        # TR4-002-002

Stock Throttle Body & Injectors
Bassani 2-into-1 Exhaust
Screamin’ Eagle Heavy Breather Extreme Air Cleaner

88 -> 119 (31 HP increase / 35% increase)

101 -> 126 (25 ft-lbs TQ increase / 25% increase)

2018 114ci Fatbob – S&S 475 Cam

S&S 475 Cam

Arlen Ness Monster Sucker Air Cleaner

Blue & Light Blue Lines = Stock 2018 FXFBS 114ci                               88HP & 101TQ

Orange & Yellow Lines = Two Brothers Racing Pipe                           112HP & 116TQ (27.3% increase in HP – 14.9% increase in TQ)

Dark Purple & Light Purple Lines = Rinehart Slip on Mufflers         104HP & 108TQ (18.2% increase in HP – 6.9% increase in TQ)

Awesome power for a bolt in cam.

Part # SS330-0641

Tappet Cuffs are also a product that should be installed in EVERY cam job…

Parts #SS330-0655

2018 114ci Breakout – S&S 475 Cam

2018 Breakout – 114ci

Bassani Short Sweeper Pipes
OEM Air Cleaner
S&S 475C Cams

103.6 HP
107.2 TQ

A Solid Horsepower & Torque Booster Combo

As you can see from the Dyno Tests above the 475C Camshaft provides a solid boost to your Horsepower and Torque.

This is also available in a full 475C Cam Chest Kit to help you maximize your gains.

You can buy all of the matched parts in one kit & save $$’s.

The S&S Cam Chest Kit Includes:

Oil Pump/Cam Plate:-
* Precision Machined from Billet Aluminum
* Passage Plugs Removeable for servicing
* Independant Scavenge Sections for Flywheel Cavity and Cam Chest
* Debris Screens in both scavenge pickups
* Magnet in Cam Chest to help to stop debris from entering oil pump
* Increased flow capacity on both feed (+44%) & scavenge side (+58%)
* Adjustable Pressure Relief Valve is adjustable with unit installed in engine

* Quickee Pushrods with Black pushrod tubes

* S&S Precision Tappets

Tappet Cuffs:-
* Hard Anodized Black Coating
* Billet Aluminum Construction
* Stronger than Stock Material eliminates Distortion
* Improve tappet stability in high lift and high rpm situations

* 475 Chain Drive is a bolt in 100hp cam!

Proudly Made in the USA by S&S Cycle !


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