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Low Rider ST Build

Harley-Davidson’s 2022 Low Rider™ ST is a True Performance Cruiser.

We think this is a great model straight out of the factory but we also love taking things to the next level by upgrading parts & accessories for more Power, Style and Comfort.

Below are some of the options we already have available to modify your 2022 Low Rider ST when they’re released in Australia and New Zealand.  We have more but this article is just here to spark your imagination for your own personal modifications…

2022 Low Rider™ ST - Performance Upgrades

Comp-S 2-into-1 Exhaust – Black with Carbon Fiber End Cap

The Comp-S Exhaust from Two Brothers Racing is a serious performance exhaust.  Dyno tuned for maximum performance, it sits high to provide enhanced ground clearance (you can lean deep with this one).

The 2-into-1 gives you a 7.7kg (17lbs) weight saving over the stock pipes and that carbon fiber end cap seals the deal.

PART No: TBR-005-4960199-BLK

11.8 inch front rotors for 2022 Low Rider ST

11.8in. Front Wave Floating Disc Rotor – Contrast Cut

Full floating to ensure optimum brake pad-to-rotor contact. Every high-quality, Galfer-patented Wave® rotor is made from a proprietary mix of virgin high carbon 420 stainless steel, laser cut (never stamped), double disc-parallel ground to assure perfect parallel flatness and heat treated to each specific application.

Note: The 2022 Low Rider ST has dual front rotors for extra stopping power.


Front 4 Piston Calipers – Black Contrast Cut

This 4 piston caliper will give you extra bite on the rotor, increasing your stopping power with smooth lever control.

PART No: P00522424BM (Right Hand Side)

PART No: P00522425BM (Left hand Side)

90° Monster Sucker Air Cleaner Kit – Black

The Monster Sucker is a forward facing high-flow air cleaner from Arlen Ness.  It uses a K&N water resistant synthetic filter element.

It contains a patented Hidden Breather Technology to maximise the air flow into your engine.

The forward facing design provides you with additional clearance for your legs (no more knocking your knees on the intake)

PART No: AN-81-039

Monster Sucker 10-Gauge Air Filter Cover – Black

You can also add some extra flair to your ride with this contrast cut air filter cover.  This highlights the cool shape of the forward facing air cleaner and provides some extra protection to the filter element.

This is a great way to add a touch of contrast to the 2022 Low Rider ST.

PART No: AN-81-100

2022 Low Rider™ ST - Style & Comfort Upgrades

Step-Up LS Dual Seat with Silver Double Diamond Lattice Stitch

If you are looking for the ultimate comfort upgrade, look no further. The Co-molded Gel-Core is the largest comfort advancement in motorcycle seating since the creation of the suspension.

The Ultra-Foam unique molding process creates an element-resistant self-skinning process that seals the foam from water & enhances the seat’s durability as well as comfort.

PART No: SAD-818-29-172SI

8in. Straight Thrashin Risers – Black

Made of American 6061 Aluminum, these 8″ Risers have a hard anodized black finish with an anti fade agent.  

The top clamp is angled at 35 degrees for a stylish look and feel.  It’s laser etched with the THRASHIN logo.

These risers work with any standard 1″ bar, however on this Low Rider™ ST we recommend the Thrashin Mid Bend Bar.

PART No: TS-TSC-8025-1

Mid Bend Bar for 2022 Low Rider ST

Mid Bend Bars – Black

This is a 1″ diameter bar that fits stock Harley-Davidson Mounts & Controls (but Thrashin Risers look better).  Drilled & slotted for internal wiring on your Low RiderST.  

These have a knurled clamp grip so it won’t shift/slip when you’re riding hard and pushing it to it’s limits.  It also has the THRASHIN logo laser etched into it.

Handlebar Design: 4″ Rise, 30″ Width & 4″ Pull Back

PART No: TS-TSC-2700-1

Custom Contour Handgrips – Black

This is a timeless, classic design with a contoured shape that fits comfortably in your hand. 

The textured Krafton rubber has a soft serrated pattern to keep your hands locked on with minimal squeeze. All that comfort is wrapped around a 6061 billet aluminum collar with 6061 end cap.


About the 2022 Low Rider™ ST

The 2022 Low Rider™ ST is one of the first non-CVO models to get a 117ci M8 Engine (about 5% more power than the Low Rider S)

It has a stylish frame mounted fairing with a dominant central headlight flanked by side vents. With these sharper lines it has a modern sporty look. A lot of time was spent refining the aerodynamics of this fairing to reduce air buffeting at higher speeds.

The side cases are similar to the SportGlide. Opening outward like a clamshell, they can be easily accessed with one hand while still sitting on the bike. They even have a damping mechanism to prevent them from slamming open when loaded. The size and high placement provide plenty of clearance for leaning deep into corners.  There is a quick release system so you can remove them easily when needed.

The 2022 Low Rider™ ST has been given a slightly longer rear mono shock to provide you more clearance and travel. With this new model sitting higher than the Low Rider S, you can lean deeper and corner harder.

This really is a Performance Cruiser inspired by the recent Bagger Racing events. With a great balance of versatility and long distance comfort, we can see this being a very popular model in Australia.

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