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Business owners rejoice. From the 2nd April 2019, the ‘Instant Asset Write-Off’ has increased to $30,000. This means that any capital purchases such as workshop equipment and tools can be instantly deducted if acquired between the 2nd April and 30th June in this financial year – rather than over the useful life of the asset. With tax-time looming, now is the perfect time to take advantage of the Instant Asset Write-Off and equip your workshop with new gear. The right tools and equipment can increase the productivity and profitably of your business. Here’s our top picks of workshop must haves.

Please note – Rollies Speed Shop cannot guarantee all purchases for all businesses will qualify for the Instant Asset Write-Off. If you’re unsure of the eligibility of your purchase or your business, please consult with the ATO or your licensed accountant.

For more information on Instant Asset Write-Off please read the article on the ATO website at

AXIS Dyno by Dobeck Performance

For those of you who want to really transform your business in the coming financial year, you can’t go past the AXIS Dyno from Dobeck Performance. The AXIS Dyno features cutting edge technology and provides the most accurate dyno readings in it’s class. Make your business a destination for high-performance engine work, tune ups and dyno tests, and enjoy the added revenue. Properly utilised, an AXIS Dyno can generate enough income to pay for itself in less than 12 months, and with the $30,000 instant asset write-off, now is the best time to buy.

K&L MC625R Heavy Duty Air Lift

Elevate your business in the coming year with a K&L heavy duty bike lift. Ok, that pun was weak, but these lifts are not. The new Ram Squared twin cylinder system gives the MC625R Heavy Duty Air Lift a rated working capacity of 1750 pounds. The 29.5 inch by 86.5 inch deck is suitable for stock motorcycles, and extensions are available to accommodate utility vehicles and custom bikes. A loading ramp, automatic safety lock, and drop panels at front and rear of the ramp are included in the purchase price.

Centurion Super Pro Diagnostic Kit by TechnoResearch

The Centurion Super Pro Diagnostic Kit is the industry’s only complete, professional diagnostic tool designed for independent, professional repair facilities. A range of critical tasks can be perform by the Centurion including:

  • Re-flash blank ECUs, program VINs and key fobs
  • Perform radio and speaker calibration
  • Perform speedo calibration
  • ABS bleeding and solenoid testing
  • Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs)
  • Reset air/fuel values and adjust idle rpm
  • Perform active tests on tachometer, speedometer, fuel pump, idle rpm, system relays, cooling fans, alarm, IAC, ACR compression, injector coils, coolant pump, left or right turn signals and other systems
  • LED indicator tests for 6th gear, ABS service, battery, check engine, cruise control, high and low beam, neutral, oil, security and coolant temp
  • View real-time data in strip chart or digital dashboard formats

Centurion connects to your Windows or Android based PC, laptop or tablet via the included cable, or wirelessly with Bluetooth. Software is easily updateable and allows you to stay current on all features and new bike releases. Centurion is available in two variants – Harley-Davidson, Victory and Indian, or H-D only (new stock coming this week).

TRO2 “Mobile Dyno” Wideband Sensor System from Techno Research

Tune fast wit the TRO2 Kit from TechnoResearch. This “Mobile Dyno” allows you to tune any bike fitted with a TechnoResearch MAXIMUS tuner or Direct Link USB Key quickly and accurately. Provide your customers with quality tunes – not just map-dropping, and see the difference in performance.

JIMS Tools

JIMS provides a huge range of tools specifically designed for Harley-Davidson® workshops. Save time and get the job done right the first time, with purpose designed tools such as the Timken Bearing Conversion Tool, M8 Torque Plate Kits, EFI Fuel Pressure Test Gauge Tool, Bearing Romoval & Installation Tools, and many more.


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