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APM Mikuni Carburetors

If you’re an H-D® enthusiast, and you’ve picked up an old carbureted bike as a fun project, you know it’ll need some work. You’ll probably realize after taking it for a spin through some twisties, that the throttle response isn’t what you expected… Now doubts about your new fun runner are starting to creep in.

Chances are, it’s simply time to upgrade your 20yo+ CV carburetor. 
Replacing it with an APM Mikuni High-Performance Straight Slide Carburetor will provide the responsive and powerful performance you’re looking for. This upgrade will not only improve your bike’s throttle response but also increase its overall performance.  This is a great starting point for reviving older bikes.


Mikuni began designing and manufacturing their carburetors in the 70s and they have maintained their reputation as a leader with decades of experience in the carburetor industry.  Mikuni Carburetors have been tried, tested and refined over those decades to provide you with instant throttle response and extra power..
What makes these Mikuni Carburetors so special? 
Any engine builder will tell you that Power comes from air and oil flow mixed with appropriate fueling. The Mikuni HSR carburetor excels in creating the best airflow possible while having a much more direct fueling system. Mikuni HSR carburetor achieve this by eliminating the throttle-based butterfly valve and airflow-based slide, and replacing it with a throttle-based slide. This leads to a straight line of fire for your fuel needle directly into the intake.
The result is a significant gain in top-end power and bottom-end torque, along with increased throttle response, making for a much more enjoyable and responsive riding experience.

Mikuni HSR42 Easy Kit. Fits Sportster 1994-2004



Mikuni HSR42 Easy Kit. Fits Evolution & Twin Cam 1990-2006



Mikuni HSR42 Total Kit. Fits Evolution Big Twin 1984-1999



APM Mikuni Carburetors

If you are looking for an affordable way to boost performance and rideability, with the added bonus of increased fuel economy for your older Harley-Davidson®, then the best place to start is with the purchase of a Mikuni HSR carburetor. When installed by a qualified mechanic, most riders are so impressed by the results that they keep their Mikuni Carb and move them from bike to bike.
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