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North Carolina based Rinehart Racing produce a quality range of V-Twin exhausts that feature outstanding build quality, sound and performance. The latest addition to their popular line of Touring mufflers is the DBX45. This 4 and a half inch slip-on muffler has been engineered for sound – delivering more of the iconic Rinehart Rumble than ever before.

The DBX45 is built off the same platform as Rinehart’s incredibly popular MotoPro 45 muffler. A new “Tradition” end cap features the Rinehart logo and gives the DBX45 a stylish, more streamlined look than its predecessor, that perfectly compliments the style of the M8 Touring range.

The more noticeable difference in the DBX45, is the new performance baffle which delivers a louder, crisp, bass heavy tone that nevers sounds muffled or flat.  This free-flowing exhaust also provides the perfect amount of backpressure to unlock both horsepower and torque.

DBX45 Mufflers are available in Black, Chrome, or Chrome with black end caps. Our first shipment arrives in early September and is available for backorder now.


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