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Feuling Twin-Cam Cam Chest Kits: A Complete Walkthrough

Feuling Parts has earned a reputation among Harley-Davidson® enthusiasts for crafting some of the finest performance components on the market. One of their most popular offerings that can transform your H-D twin cam engine is the Feuling Twin Cam Cam Chest Kit. These complete cam upgrades provide impressive gains in horsepower, torque, efficiency, and ride quality when properly installed.

Key PointsDetails
Feuling TC Cam Chest KitsTransform your H-D® twin cam engine with Feuling’s comprehensive kit, enhancing power, and efficiency.
Cam Chest AssemblyUnderstand the crucial role of the cam chest in coordinating engine valve operation and the benefits of upgrading.
Kit Features & BenefitsExplore the advantages, including camshaft upgrades, improved oil flow, reduced friction, and ride enhancements.
Kit OptionsCompare the differences between OE and HP kits, tailored for varied performance needs and riding styles.
Professional InstallationRecognize the importance of expert installation for optimal safety and performance of Twin-Cam cam chest kits.
Feuling’s Inclusive KitsLearn how Feuling’s kits contain everything needed for a seamless upgrade, ensuring enhanced engine performance.

What Are Cam Chest Kits?

The cam chest assembly is the beating heart of an air-cooled Harley-Davidson® V-twin motor. This module houses the camshafts, hydraulic lifters, pushrods, and more – essentially coordinating the timing and operation of the engine’s valves. Upgrading to high-performance parts like those found in Feuling Twin Cam Cam Chest Kits optimizes this valve train, allowing the engine to breathe and rev more easily.


Key Features and Benefits

Feuling Twin Cam Cam Chest Kits offer a wealth of improvements over stock components. These things will help you create a more bulletproof engine whilst adding reliability and longevity to your Twin-Cam engine. 

Complete Camshaft Upgrade

With some kits including brand-new Feuling Series camshafts featuring aggressive lift and duration specs for supercharged airflow and horsepower. Combined with hydraulic roller lifters and adjustable pushrods. These cams really bring any Twin Cam engine to a whole new level.

High-Volume Oil Pump Protects Your Engine

Boosting oil flow and pressure enhances reliability and supports the demands of high-RPM operations. Feuling Twin Cam kits include oil pump upgrades for peace of mind.


Reduced Friction and Heat

From cam bearings to cam plates, these kits utilize premium components that withstand intense pressures while minimizing mechanical drag. This equates to cooler operating temps and longer engine life.


Smoother and Quieter Operation

Precision-machined parts, tighter tolerances, and optimized valve timing significantly reduce noise and vibration issues associated with radical solid lifter cams.



Ride Quality Improvements

While dyno sheets don’t tell the whole story, Feuling Twin Cam Cam Chest Kits consistently meet or exceed horsepower and torque claims in real-world testing. More importantly, owners praise these kits for transforming the overall riding experience:


  • Easy cold starts
  • Crisp throttle response
  • Explosive acceleration
  • Optimized emissions


And the benefits extend well beyond sheer power gains. Enthusiasts report cooler operating temperatures, better fuel economy during cruising, and engines that simply run happier at any RPM.

Kit Options: OE+ vs High Performance

When purchasing a Feuling Twin Cam Cam Chest Kit, riders have two performance tiers to choose from:

OE+ Replacement Kits


The OE+ (Original Equipment) kits are designed to closely replicate the stock Harley-Davidson® cam profile while enhancing reliability and efficiency. They offer noticeable gains over worn stock cams, with easier cold starts, smoother low-end power, and increased mid-range torque. OE+ kits represent a smart upgrade for lightly modified engines seeking enhanced daily rideability.

High-Performance Kits


As the name implies, HP (High Performance) Feuling Kits are geared toward max horsepower for highly tuned engines. Their aggressive cam lobes significantly boost lift and duration to achieve breath-taking top-end power at the cost of low RPM power. Best matched with complementary engine mods like increased compression and free-flowing exhausts.

  • OE+ Kits – Improved reliability and smoother power across the RPM range.
  • HP Kits – Radical cams optimized for screaming high RPM horsepower.

So whether you just want to resuscitate your high-mileage engine or dominate on the dyno sheets, Feuling offers twin cam chest kits tailored specifically for your goals and riding style. Reach out to Rollies Speed Shop today for personalized recommendations on which kit is best for your ride.

Feuling Lifters: Seamless Integration with Cam Chest Kit Installations

These 4 hydraulic roller lifters ensure optimal oil distribution, extending valve gear life. Dyno developed and track tested, they guarantee cooler oil, reduced wear, and enhanced engine durability. Precision crafted through CNC machining, they offer uncompromised precision and fit seamlessly as replacements for OEM #18538-99 & 18572-13. When paired with a Feuling cam chest kit, they integrate without added workshop time, boosting your engine’s performance effortlessly. Pro tip: prep with an oil can for optimal assembly.

Professional Installation Is Essential


While Feuling makes upgrading your cam chest assembly easier than ever, proper installation remains critical for safety and performance. Twin-cam cam chest kits require specialized tools and expertise for ideal valve adjustment and timing. For Cam Chest Kit installs, always use a qualified mechanic that specializes in V-Twin engines.


Since 1979, we’ve been setting the standards in V-Twin motorcycle builds, performance work and servicing.

Book your bike in with one of Rollies Speed Shop’s four qualified motorcycle mechanics, with a combined 72 years of experience, and you’ll see why we’ve grown to become one of the most trusted names in Australia for Harley-Davidson® customs and maintenance. On Time & On Budget

The Feuling Difference

With a Feuling Twin Cam Cam Chest Kit, everything is included for completing the upgrade – camshafts, lifters, pushrods, plates, oil pump, and all necessary gaskets and fasteners. Backed by Feuling’s reputation for chasing perfection, these kits deliver transformative performance you have to experience firsthand.


Unleash the true potential of your Harley-Davidson® Twin Cam with a Feuling Cam Chest Kit today!

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