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The Flare™ Windshield was developed at Klock Werks out of a desire and need for stability at highway speeds and for racing on the Bonneville Salt Flats. The Flare™ is the original windshield of its kind and has surprised riders everywhere with not only how great it looks, but also with how well it performs. It doesn’t just block or push the air, it redirects the wind to improve your ride.

The innovative design features “hips” at the outer edge of the shield that re-route the air to add downforce to the front of the bike. This creates stability superior to riding with a stock shield. The “flip” at the top of the Flare™ is designed to kick the air up and back as “clean”, less turbulent air for the rider and passenger. Made from hard-coated polycarbonate material for added durability.

  • The Klock Werks Flare Low 5″ windshield provides a sporty look to complement the taller fairing featured on 2014-up Touring models.
  • The Klock Werks Flare 6.5″ and 8.5” heights offer an aggressive, sporty appearance and create downforce to further enhance the stability of your Tourer so you can feel the air without the buffeting.
  • The Klock Werks Flare 11.5″ height combines the best of a tall and short shield by blending the aggressive, sporty look of the shorter versions with the added performance of a taller touring version – low enough to see over, but high enough to tour with.
  • Wind tunnel designed and tested, the “hips” provide added downforce while the “flip” directs air over the rider.
  • Lexan Polycarbonate with FMR hard coating is used to create these custom-moulded designs with unmatched durability.
  • The Flare windshields are measured from the centre bolt hole to the start of the ‘flip’ at the top of the windshield.
  • Pre-drilled for easy mounting using stock windshield hardware.
  • Made in the USA.


Klock Werks products are proudly distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Rollies Speed Shop. For more information you can read the Klock Werks catalogue or call Rollies on (07) 3252 5381.


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