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That Freedom Performance Exhaust Power & Sound

When selecting a new performance exhaust there are 3 things to consider:

  1. Enhanced Horsepower & Torque
  2. That Signature Sound
  3. Striking Aesthetics
It’s up to you to decide which is most important and there’s really no wrong answer because a Freedom Performance Exhaust ticks all three boxes.  Everything in the range will give you a better sound and a power boost over your stock pipes.  Even a 4″ Muffler will you give you a noticeable boost in power & sound.
So the thing that sways most people’s choice is the aesthetics… “How Cool will these look on my Bike?”
So here are some samples to get you started. (But keep reading below the pics and I’ll cover the biggest fork in the road that divide’s rider on which type of exhaust system is the best.) 

Should You Go 2-into-2 or 2-into-1?

If your main priority is the look then it’s completely up to you.  Choose the one that you think looks best on your bike and give the finger to anyone that disagrees with your personal taste.

If your priority is performance or sound then here is a general breakdown on each…

Freedom Performance 2-into-1 Exhaust

The 2-into-1 is more performance based and will provide more of a hit in the mid range.

The 2-into-1 will  run quieter than a 2-into-2 or straight pipe.  You can remove the baffle to get more sound but you’ll lose some power in your mid range.  The baffle helps build back pressure which gives you that punch/response when your 30-40% throttle.

Freedom Performance 2-into-2 Exhaust

The 2-into-2 will provide you with great Torque in your low range which is an advantage if you love taking off quickly at the lights.

Because it’s allowing the exhaust to come out with less back pressure than the 2-into-1 it is generally louder and gives that aggressive rumble that most riders want from their bike.

If you find that your pipes are actually too loud (louder than you expected) you can change out the baffle to reduce the volume.

The Basics of Exhaust Sound

Engine noise is reduced as it travels through your exhaust pipe.  The sound is reduced when it has to change direction.  So a straight pipe or drag pipe will be louder than a pipe with more bends/curves.  The length of your pipe also adjusts the final sound.  A short pipe will be louder than a long pipe.

Quiet Baffles

Your baffle will dampen the sound and build back pressure.  There are different types of baffle you can use in your Freedom Performance exhaust.  If you need to be mindful of your neighbors or prefer not to be deafened by your own bike on long rides then you can use a “Quiet Baffle”.  These cancel out louder sounds emanating from the exhaust while still allowing softer sounds to pass through. they can be easily installed, and are designed to fit 2-into-1, SLIPONS, and Upsweep Freedom Performance exhausts.

Freedom Performance Exhaust End Caps

Lastly you have your End Caps which can dampen your sound or alter the direction of your exhaust noise.  There is a Freedom Performance Exhaust End Cap that can be set in 4 different positions so you can aim it down, out the side or up.  Nobody sane person ever wants to point it back into the bike.

4″ Sharktail Tip End Cap
PART No: FPE-AC00244

American Outlaw End Cap
PART No: FPE-AC00073

Radius Billet End Cap
PART No: FPE-AC00201

4″ Racing Muffler End Cap
PART No: FPE-AC00056

2-1/2″ Star End Cap
PART No: FPE-AC00006

2-1/2″ M-16 Gun Tip End Cap
PART No: FPE-AC00037

Rollie's Has A Huge Range Of Freedom Performance Exhausts

If you’ve read down this far then you know all the basics of your Exhaust system options.  The bottom line is… you can’t really make a wrong decision as long as you pick the right product to fit your bikes model and year.  Anything you select from Freedom Performance is going to provide a better look, better sound and more power than your stock pipes.

There really is a huge range of options to choose from so Rollie’s has created a special website to help you see them all and filter your search to match your bike.  Click on any of the pics below to be taken to the Exhaust Finder website and see all of your options.

If you have any questions please call us on 07-3252-5381 and we’ll make sure you get the right parts for your bike.

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It’s your bike and it’s your decision.  There are a heap of options to choose from and no wrong choice. 

You can pick it for the look or the sound or the performance. It’s totally up to you and if your mates think you should have gotten something else then that’s their problem.

Your Bike = Your Rules

What i can say is that ALL Freedom Performance Exhaust Systems are top quality which is why we stock them and confidently recommend them to anyone with a V-Twin Motorcycle. 


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