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The Street 500 has been a wild success, with the LAMS approved model becoming a top seller for Harley-Davidson in Australia. Riders have been demanding more performance parts for the XG500 for a while now, and California based Two Brothers Racing has answered their calls – offering a complete 2-into-1 performance exhaust system for the humble Street 500.

You’ll hear it before you see it. As good looking as the Comp-S system is – borrowing styling cues from larger Softail and Dyna systems – you’re sure to hear it before you see it. The race-inspired muffler transforms the 500cc V-Twin’s sound from a gentle little rumble, to an savage bark that you’d expect from a much larger powerplant.

The black finish is a perfect match for the Street 500’s blacked out look, while the carbon fiber end cap and TBR logo on the muffler give the system a high end look. The result is a massive improvement over the stock system, despite the heavy contrast with the Street’s stock chrome suspension, which should be the next upgrade for any serious rider.

TBR’s backround in racing and their experience producing performance exhaust systems for the larger H-D models has translated nicely to the Street 500 Comp-S. The increase in performance is considerable, particularly when paired with a high-flow air intake, with top-end horsepower seeing the biggest benefits.

The Street 500 Comp-S 2-into-1 Exhaust is available now and proudly distributed in Australia by Rollies Speed Shop.


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