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The Australian Government’s $20,000 instant asset write off is helping small Aussie businesses get ahead. Beat the June 30 deadline to take advantage of this great boost for your business.

The $20k asset write-off initiative enables eligible businesses to make immediate deduction claims on business assets purchased with a value of less than $20,000 per item. You can use the $20,000 instant write-off multiple times – providing that the cost of each item is under the $20,000 cut-off.

To take advantage of the instant asset write-off this financial year, you’ll need to make any applicable purchases before the 1st of July. The savings to your business will be significant, and the extra income and efficiency from new tools will be a great boost to your business in the new financial year.

Info on the $20,000 instant asset write-off can be found on the ATO’s website,  and finance guru / TV celebrity Kochie breaks the scheme down for you on his Business Builders website.

Buy now – write-off this financial year!

Today we’re featuring our top EFI tuning tools that can boost your bottom line with more accurate and more efficient fuel tuning. Purchase before June 30 to take advantage of the instant-asset write-off.

Centurion Super Pro Diagnostic Kit

Part # TR3-001-004

Dealer Cost ONLY: $2203.64 + GST


  • The industry’s only complete, professional diagnostic tool designed for independent, professional repair facilities
  • Communicates with all 1997 and later Harley-Davidson and Buell models using the included VCM-TR3 communication module and cables
  • Re-flash blank ECUs, program VINs and key fobs
  • Perform radio and speaker calibration
  • Perform speedo calibration
  • ABS bleeding and solenoid testing
  • Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs)
  • Reset air/fuel values and adjust idle rpm
  • Perform active tests on tachometer, speedometer, fuel pump, idle rpm, system relays, cooling fans, alarm, IAC, ACR compression, injector coils, coolant pump, left or right turn signals and other systems
  • LED indicator tests for 6th gear, ABS service, battery, check engine, cruise control, high and low beam, neutral, oil, security and coolant temp
  • View real-time data in strip chart or digital dashboard formats
  • Requires use of a Windows or Android-based PC, laptop or tablet. Connect using either included cable or Bluetooth wireless connection
  • Fast data acquisition and many hours of data storage provides accuracy and saves time
  • Easily update software online through TechnoResearch to stay current on all features, years and model types
  • Durable metal housing and easy adapter system allows for fast switching between motorcycles
  • Made in the USA

TRo2 Mobile Dyno Wideband Sensor System – Tune quicker!

Part # TR200048

Dealer Cost ONLY: $636.36 + GST


  • No Calibration required
  • Soft start technology
  • 2 analog outputs
  • 1 digital input, 1 digital output
  • 2 Bosch LSU 4.2 Sensors
  • Compatible with multiple fuels
  • Sensor is hand tested
  • Digital precision

This wideband oxygen sensor interface kit is essential for anyone looking to get robust and accurate data to tune a bike. The TRO2 is a dual channel air/fuel ratio metering system that was designed to be used with a data logging system (a dyno) or our Mobile Dyno feature.

O2 Installation Rivet Kit 18mm – Oxygen Sensor Quick Install

Part # TR200044

Dealer Cost ONLY: $758.18 + GST


  • Dump the Pump – No Pump or Sampling Tube Required
  • Save time having to completely remove exhaust systems!
  • Monitor Both Cylinders Simultaneously
  • Measure Exhaust Gas Correctly
  • No Reversion Air giving false lean readings
  • Fast, Accurate Reading with almost no delay
  • Easy Installation – No Welding Required
  • Can be used with Dynamometer or Portable Data Logger
  • When Done, Heat Shield covers seal screws maintains original look.

When combined with a set of wideband O2 sensors (such as our TRO2), the O2 installation kit allows you to get the most accurate readings so you can get the best possible results out of your tune. After the easy installation (no welding required), you can monitor both cylinders simultaneously and measure exhaust correctly with no false readings.


  • 2 – O2 Sampler Blocks
  • Special Attachment Bolts
  • Exhaust Port Jet
  • 1- Hydraulic Insertion Tool (with case)
  • 2 – 5-foot exhaust hoses
  • 1 – Drill Bit
  • 25 – Rivnuts
  • 25 – Seal Screws
  • 25 – Seal Washers


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