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The Harley-Davidson Street 500 is a great bike… It’s where most people start out these days when they get into riding.

You may be aiming to move up into a more powerful model when your licence allows you to but in the meantime you may be finding it a bit restrictive, something just doesn’t feel natural… If you prefer to stretch out when riding then you may find the current setup to cramped or upright.

Luckily this can be easily fixed by upgrading with new Forward Controls.  Just look at the difference in riding position shown below…

Adding these forward controls allows you to stretch your legs… you no longer feel like you knees are up under your chin while cruising down the highway.  It makes a huge diffence in your comfort on long rides and let’s face it, you’ll also look cooler.

You’ll feel like your sitting in the bike and not on top of it.

This is easily one of the best modifications you can make to the Street 500 for an instant comfort boost. (We also recommend switching to a Saddlemen Seat with their Gel-Core and Ultra-Foam.)

The product shown here fits Street 500 & 700 2016-Up models.  These are made in the USA by Belt Drives Ltd

Tech Tips:-

* Requires purchase of custom brake line kit MS-FC-XG500

* 2 x Copper sealing Washers required hard against Master cylinder

* Minor Clearance Modifications may be required with some Aftermarket Exhausts.Seat


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