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Big power can push even the most unexpected parts to their limits and the Rocker Arm Studs in the M8 engines are high on that list. S&S Cycle is the go-to for big power and is obviously an expert on the details that make sure it’s reliable.

“The rocker arm stands on the M8 heads are a weak spot, they are cast into the head and have a history of stripping when over torqued once stripped, the head must be replaced. The S&S Rocker Arm stud kit allows a one time installation of a stud that replaces the stock bolt. This greatly reduces the chances of damage to the heads, prolonging life and increasing the strength of the rocker arm mounts to handle the added demands of high lift cams and heavy duty valve springs.” States Pete Winnie, VP of R&D at S&S Cycle.

If you’re doing a big bore kit, head work or any other top-end mods, we recommend adding a set of S&S Rocker Arm Studs.

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