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Since 1999 Hawg Halters Inc has been been on a mission to challenge the status quo of a very dynamic and ever changing V-Twin Custom Parts Marketplace. After recently acquiring Renegade Wheels, HHI-Renegade now offers some of the finest custom wheels available.

Custom connoisseurs will delight in the innovative designs of the HHI Renegade collection. Styles such as Pacific and Tulsa offer crisp, hard lines, for a custom take on a traditional racing style. Or for riders who want something more unique, designs such as BridgeportLogan and Whistler combine clean lines with organic curves and angles.

HHI Renegade Wheels are available in three finishes – Show Chrome, high contrast Phantom Cut, or Elite for maximum customisation options. 

To complement your custom wheels, HHI Renegade can supply matching Brake Rotors, Pulleys, Sprockets, and Derby Covers. 

Special finishes like Black Powder Coat, Copper Treated, Two Tone Colored Phantom Cut wheels and solid colours can also be ordered to make your build even more unique.

HHI Renegade Wheels are available by custom order only. Please talk to a Rollies team member for pricing info, and production & delivery times. 

For more information on HHI Renegade wheels call Rollies on 07 3252 5381 or request a quote today.


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