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High Lift Cams by Zippers Performance

If anyone ever tells you “The ___ Cam is the best/only cam you should use” without knowing the specifics of your build then you need to talk to somebody else.

When you dive into the technical side of how different cam grinds work in relation to your cylinders, lifters, springs and rockers, it can be overwhelming.  However, the end results of getting the right grind for your bike and your riding style, it’s well worth it.

Note:  We don’t expect you to be an expert in this area.  This is why we have technical experts on the phones here at Rollies to ensure you get the best results and value for money with your performance part upgrades.  Give us a call during office hours for expert advice and a quote.

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Zippers Red Shift High-Lift Cams

Zippers Performance make the largest selection of High-Lift Cams for the Milwaukee-Eight Engine.

Each grind is designed to get the most out of specific M8 builds.  Shown below is a helpful guide for selecting the best High-Lift Cam for your Harley-Davidson M8.

Grind Options of Red Shift High-Lift Cams For M8 Engines

High Lift Cams Red Shift 584

Red Shift 584 High Lift Cam

The Red Shift RS584 is designed to provide maximum lift range for a conventional performance valve spring used with the stock 1.6 rocker ratio.

High Lift Cams Red Shift 582

Red Shift 582 High Lift Cam

The Red Shift Cams® RS582 provides maximum lift range for a conventional 0.580” lift performance valve spring used with the 1.61 rocker ratio.

Red Shift 578 High Lift Cam

The Red Shift Cams® RS578 provides early Torque in a big bore kit running 11.5:1 Compression.

High Lift Cams Red Shift 562

Red Shift 562 High Lift Cam

The Red Shift RS562 is designed with slightly lower lift than its big brother the RS582.  This allows the engine builder to reduce the stress on the valve spring with standard or higher rocker ratios standard up to 1.64 ratio.

High Lift Cams Red Shift 558

Red Shift 558 High Lift Cam

The Red Shift RS558 is designed  to be used with higher rocker arm ratios (1.64:1), while fitting into a 0.580in. Lift Spring Pack.   You MUST use S&S Roller Rocker Kit # SS900-1084

High Lift Cams Red Shift 552

Red Shift 552 High Lift Cam

The Red Shift 552 is designed to provide a strong broad power torque cam with more peak HP for highly modified M8 engines. The RS 552 is an excellent choice for riders who demand the best overall power for Torque and HP.

Red Shift 548 High Lift Cam

The Red Shift 548 produces excellent low-end torque, while still producing big power over the entire RPM range in modified engines. The RS 548 is the early torque-favored companion to the extremely successful RS 552 cam, for 124 & larger engines.

Red Shift 472 High Lift Cam

The Red Shift 472 cam is widely used to improve SE engine upgrade kits, and many aftermarket big bore kits including 124 & 128’s. This will give you a significant torque boost in the 2000-4500 RPM range.

High Lift Cams Red Shift 468

Red Shift 468 High Lift Cam

The 468 provides instant acceleration below 2,000 RPM while pulling strong to 6,000 – really shining in the 2,000-4,000 RPM cruising range. Cranking compression is unchanged for easy starting, and proprietary Red Shift Cams® ramp design delivers quiet operation and long valvetrain life.

When you’re upgrading your engine it’s always best to upgrade related parts so there’s no “weak link in the chain”…

A new high-lift cam will unlock a significant boost in power from your M8 engine.  That also means your OEM parts are now working under more pressure/stress.

We highly recommend upgrading related OEM parts for high performance parts that are designed to work in a high performance engine.

Because each build is different we suggest you call us and we can work through your planned modifications together to build a strong/reliable performance engine.  The right combination of parts will unlock more power and prolong the life of your engine.

Suggested Additional Performance Parts

  • AV&V Valve Spring Kit
  • S&S Quickee Push Rods
  • S&S Tappet Cuffs
  • S&S Roller Rocker Arm Kit
  • S&S Cam Chain Tensioner
  • S&S Oil Control Valve

Doing as much as you can in a single workshop visit will save you time and money.

If you’d like expert help selecting the right Performance Parts for your build please call us on 07-3252-5381

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