The forward facing air cleaner – always a popular choice. This style is a favourite for many V-Twin riders, due to the increased air flow which translates to more power, and the impressive, no-nonsense, conical appearance. While their are several options already on the market, Cobra USA’s High Performance Cone Air Intake joins the ranks and is a serious contender for Milwaukee-Eight riders looking for performance and style.

Cobra’s unique internal venturi design of the inner filter provides better flow than stock air cleaners and many competing units. The High-flow K&N® Air Filter element ensures the maximum air intake and protection, while a laser-cut, formed steel cover adds a touch of stlye.

Available now for Milwaukee-Eight powered Touring and Softail models in Chrome or Black finish.


  • Unique internal venturi design of the inner filter provides improved airflow
  • Optimizes overall performance
  • High-flow K&N® Air Filter element for maximum air intake and protection
  • Available in black or chrome finishes
  • Slim profile keeps the unit away from the rider’s leg
  • Includes laser-cut, formed steel cover, separate mounting ring, and all the fasteners, seals, backing plate and mounting hardware for easy installation
  • Formed stainless steel mesh insert