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You’ve probably heard about HOGTUNES but chances are that you haven’t actually heard one of their Motorcycle Audio Systems live. 

I know I’m always skeptical until I see/hear real proof of quality which is why I was so excited when I found out we were doing an Install here in Rollie’s workshop.

The bike is a 2019 Road Glide and the owner chose the Wild Boar Audio “Big Pig” Kit.

2x 300 Watt Amps with 4x Speakers Including the Saddlebag Lids

The video below shows you from start to finish the almost complete install (I missed filming the guys drilling the holes in the saddlebags).  This will give you an idea of what’s involved so you can decide if you want to do it yourself or send it to a workshop.

The End Result Has to be Heard to be Believed.

I knew it would be loud just based on the size of the speaker magnets and quality of materials but it passed my expectations by a mile.  It is way, way louder than the old stock sound system and not just loud, but also crystal clear even at max volume.

The guys started it up without me but you can’t be sneaky with a sound like that filling up the workshop and penetrating the solid wall through to the warehouse.  Unfortunately my smartphone doesn’t do it justice but I think it gives you a good idea of what it would be like to cruise down the highway on this beast.

The difference between the BIG PIG Kit and the OEM System is night and day.  Personally i would say the new system is 2x-3x louder and much clearer at max volume.

If you love yur music then you need to check out the HOGTUNES range available at Rollie’s


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