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You’ve Got to Be Strong… As the performance of an engine is increased, eventually a weak link is found and something fails. One such weak link is the stock flywheel assembly in 1999-to present Harley-Davidson® big twins. S&S has produced all new flywheel assemblies, with integral sprocket and pinion shafts plus all new connecting rod and crankpin. Using superior materials for added strength, these crankshafts are a vast improvement over stock, and a must for stock rebuilds or performance Twin Cam. Fitment Available for all 1999-2013 Harley-Davidson® big twins – Balanced and unbalanced models Features & Benefits
  • Heat-treated 4140 material is harder and 114% stronger than stock
  • Harder material, eliminates thrust washer
  • Larger 1.671” diameter crankpin
  • Designed with increased cross-sectional area for increased crank-pin clamping force – No welding required!
  • Integral mainshafts – Eliminates two potential points of weakness
  • Consistent balance and precision machining – Truer flywheels and less vibration
  • Reduced mainshaft deflection at high rpm – less vibration, reduced piston and rod side thrusting, prevents oil pump damage, fully compatible with gear drive cams
  • Capable of higher rpm – More available power!
  • Trued to with in .0005” TIR
  • Rod Bearings have 20 rollers vs 18 stock


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