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You’ve seen the technological wonders of the modern world – the moon landing, modern medicine and UBER Eats. So what’s the next genius invention set to change your life? JIMS M8 On-Bike Valve Spring Compressor.

Ok, I may have oversold it a bit, but this innovative device from the tech masterminds at JIMS USA is going to change the way your work.

You know the scenario; when changing valve springs for performance upgrades, or simply replacing a leaking valve seal, it’s necessary for a technician to completely remove the cylinder head from the engine. This is a time-consuming (and therefore expensive) exercise. JIMS new Milwaukee-Eight On Bike Valve Spring Compressor eliminates the need to remove the cylinder head, saving you time and money.

JIMS has been an industry leader in the production of specialised tools for over 50 years. Using state-of-the-art technology, their team of highly skilled craftsmen have created this innovative and time-saving solution that is a must-have for anyone working on M8 engines.

JIMS’ On Bike Valve Spring Compressor for Milwaukee-Eight engines works with the cylinder head installed on the motor. Simply remove the rocker box covers and rocker arms, and install this unique compressor on the rocker arm shaft. Once the cylinder is filled with compressed air, the technician can easily rotate the tool and compress the top collar of the valve spring exposing the keepers to remove the top collar, valve spring, and seal.

This patent pending tool dramatically saves time for any technician working on Milwaukee-Eight performance upgrades or service work.

JIMS M8 On-Bike Valve Spring Compressor will be available in late December 2019 – backorders available now. 


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