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Koso North America: Digital Gauges, Tachometers & More

For over 30 years, Koso North America has been a trailblazer in the power sports domain, offering top-notch parts and accessories for motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, and more. Renowned for innovation, reliability, and exceptional customer service, Koso has become synonymous with elevating your ride’s functionality and style.


Whether you’re cruising the highways on your Harley-Davidson®, tearing through snow on a Ski-Doo snowmobile, or exploring rugged trails on a Polaris RZR side-by-side, Koso North America provides the essential components to amplify your powersports experience.

Originating in Japan in 1987 and expanding into the North American market, Koso specializes in advanced meters, gauges, and LED lighting tailored to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of popular on-road and off-road vehicle models. The company’s parts are renowned for their precision, durability, and cutting-edge features.

For instance, take Koso’s D2 multifunction meter crafted explicitly for Harley-Davidson® motorcycles. This upgrade offers a multitude of enhancements over the stock setup, encompassing an analog tachometer, digital speedometer with odometer/trip meters, gear position indicator, voltage meter, clock, and more. The vivid, sunlight-readable display ensures optimal visibility in all conditions, while features like the programmable rpm shift warning and over-revolution alarm prioritize your engine’s safety.

Key Takeaways
Koso North America
– Offers parts for motorcycles, such as Harley-Davidson® and alike.
– Renowned for innovation and reliability.

– Specializes in advanced meters, gauges, and LED lighting.

Company Overview

Over the years, Koso North America has forged partnerships with leading Powersports original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), collaborating on bespoke components seamlessly integrated with specific vehicle models. Moreover, the company’s stringent internal testing protocols guarantee that all parts meet exacting standards for quality, endurance, and design excellence before hitting the market.

Koso stands firmly behind every product, offering industry-leading customer support and warranty protection. Continuously pushing boundaries with cutting-edge technologies and innovations, the company remains dedicated to serving the passionate Harley-Davidson® community and beyond.

Product Highlights:

Digital Gauges:

Revamp your Harley-Davidson’s® dashboard with Koso’s D2, RX2, and other top-tier meters. Tailored for Harley-Davidson® enthusiasts, these advanced meters offer gear indicators, customizable rpm warnings, and clock/timers, all displayed vibrantly on LCD and LED screens visible even in direct sunlight.

Designed effortlessly install onto your Harley-Davidson®. These meters ensure precise control and information, perfectly aligning with the legendary Harley-Davidson® performance and style.



Level up your Harley-Davidson® adventure using Koso North America’s specialized tachometers. Tailored for Harley-Davidson® devotees, these stylish gauges merge precision with aesthetics, delivering the perfect RPM monitoring answer.

Through cutting-edge technology and straightforward installation, these instruments provide accurate measurements and effortless compatibility, enriching your riding journey. Rely on Koso’s meticulously designed tachometers to optimize your bike’s performance securely.

LED Lights:

Enhance your Harley-Davidson’s® allure and safety with Koso North America’s precision-engineered LED lights. From brilliant headlamps to sleek turn signals and accent lights, Koso’s collection combines cutting-edge tech with impeccable design.

Illuminate your ride confidently, adding sophistication while ensuring superior visibility. Choose Koso for safety and style on the open road.



Heated Grips:

Experience year-round riding comfort with Koso’s heated grips. Specifically designed for fall and winter rides, these innovative grips offer easy installation on your Harley-Davidson®.

Adjust warmth levels at the push of a button for ultimate comfort in colder weather, ensuring even heat distribution, improved circulation, and a secure grip for better control.




Say Goodbye To Numb Fingers

Riding a motorcycle in cold weather can be an uncomfortable and even unsafe experience. Numb, and stiff fingers make it difficult to properly control your bike, reducing response times and increasing the risk of an accident. Harley-Davidson® riders who are seeking more comfort and safety in frigid conditions, Koso North America offers a line of top-quality heated grips.

Keep Your Hands Toasty with Koso’s Integrated Temperature Controls

Koso’s heated grips allow riders to set their desired temperature using easy-to-reach thumb controls integrated into the grip housing. With 5 levels to choose from, you can fine-tune the heat to keep your hands warm.

The heated grips are made of soft, comfortable rubber that provides excellent traction and shock absorption. The heating elements and wiring are encased safely within the grip housing so they won’t degrade performance over time.

Heated Apollo-X Handgrips – Black. Fits H-D With Throttle Cable.

Heated Titan-X Handgrips – Chrome. Fits H-D 2008up With Throttle-By-Wire.

Heated Titan-X Handgrips – Black. Fits H-D 2008up With Throttle-By-Wire.

Built Tough for the Long Haul

While keeping riders toasty is their primary function, Koso’s heated grips also stand up well to all the adventures a life on two wheels brings. The housing and integrated components are sealed and weatherproofed to prevent moisture damage. The outer rubber layer is also UV-resistant to prevent cracking and discoloration after years in the sun.

Quick and Easy Installation

Many Koso heated grip kits use motorcycle-specific plug-and-play connections for straightforward installation on your Harley-Davidson® . With handy color instructions and all necessary wiring and hardware included, getting these grips on your bike is a breeze compared to universal heated grip kits.

Koso North America: The Digital Gauge Specialists

With almost 40 years of experience catering to the motorcycle community, Koso offers unparalleled expertise in manufacturing high-performance digital gauges. Their products are designed to handle the unique requirements of Harley-Davidson® bikes and alike.



Features and Benefits of Koso Digital Gauges for Harleys®

Enhanced Functionality

Koso gauges provide a comprehensive array of readings beyond just speed and RPM. Fuel level, voltage, engine temperature, and more – get all the vital information at a glance.


Improved Accuracy and Readability

Crisp and accurate digital displays are much easier to read than flaky analog dials, especially while riding. No more guessing!


Customizable Style

With multiple display colors and layouts to choose from, easily match your Koso gauges to your bike’s custom aesthetics.

Speedometer & Tachometer – 6 Gauge Kit – Black. Fits Touring 2004-2013 With Fairing.


Speedometer/Tachometer – Black. Fits Softail 2004-2010, Dyna 2004-2011, Sportster 2004-2013 & Road King 2004-2013

3-3/8in. Round Speedometer With Tachometer – Silver. Fits Dyna 2004-2011, Sportster 2004-2013 & Rocker 2008-2010.


Koso Gauges Extensive Testing

Koso gauges undergo extensive testing, enduring rigorous assessments for their ability to withstand intense vibrations, and harsh weather conditions. This dedication to quality ensures their reliability, making them a highly valuable investment for any motorcycle enthusiast. They excel in meeting all criteria for enhanced functionality, offering a range of personalization options, and showcasing exceptional resilience in challenging environments.

By opting for Koso gauges, you’re not just upgrading your Harley’s® dashboard, you’re embracing a new level of performance and adaptability. These gauges outshine outdated stock options, providing a comprehensive solution to modernize your motorcycle’s instrumentation.

With their proven durability and innovative features, Koso gauges empower riders to customize their dashboard according to their preferences while ensuring optimal functionality and durability. It’s not just an upgrade. it’s a transformation that enhances both the aesthetics, and performance of your Harley®.


Koso North America, with over three decades of industry leadership, presents a winning lineup of electrical components, gauges, and accessories meticulously crafted to enhance the performance and aesthetics of today’s most popular on-road and off-road vehicle models.

Backed by rigorous quality testing and consumer protections, Koso’s parts are engineered for superior functionality and unquestionable durability. Witness how Koso can elevate your Harley-Davidson®, ensuring you arrive in style while safeguarding vital systems for the long haul.

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