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German manufacturer Kellermann has teamed up with U.S. based Kuryakyn to bring their state-of-the-art motorcycle indicators to a wider audience. The “Kuryakyn by Kellermann” collection is quite incredible – offering super bright LED lights in unbelievably small packages.

Kellermann has received numerous design awards over more than 25 years in business, and are a perennial custom bike builders around the world. Known for their uncompromising quality and innovation, their latest offerings are no exception, bringing to market a range of ridiculously small lights that will make sure you’re seen on the road.

All Kuryakyn by Kellermann lights are sold individually and include:

Kuryakyn by Kellermann Bullet Atto

Don’t let it’s timid, unassuming looks fool you – the Bullet Atto may be tiny, but it punches well above it’s weight. With a lens width of 7.8mm and body width of 10mm, you could fit two of these on the face of a five cent coin, but that doesn’t stop it from emitting an intense, eye-cating beam of light, that you’d expect from a much larger product.


Kuryakyn by Kellermann Bullet 1000

Inspired by the classic bullet-style indicators of the past, Bullet 1000s take the streamlined finish and add in the latest L.E.D. technology to make sure you are seen on the road.

Kuryakyn by Kellermann BL 2000

No matter what kind of handlebars you have on your ride, the BL 2000s do a great job of blending in while not in use and an even better job of grabbing everyone’s attention once you turn them on.

Kuryakyn products are proudly distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Rollies Speed Shop. For more information you can read the Kuryakyn catalogue or call Rollies on (07) 3252 5381.


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