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Legends Suspension – Suspension Reinvented

For motorcycle enthusiasts seeking to enhance their bike’s handling, comfort, and overall ride quality, few upgrades deliver as dramatically as installing aftermarket suspension like those offered by industry leader Legend Suspensions. Known for exceptional performance and adjustability, Legend Suspensions aims to provide the ultimate riding experience regardless of your style.

The Case for Upgrading Your Suspension

The stock suspension on most motorcycles, including Harley-Davidson®, offers a decent ride for regular street use. However, for those logging serious miles or wanting better stability, sharper cornering, and fewer bumps, the OEM components often disappoint. Factors like a rider’s weight, preferred terrain, luggage, and passenger load also impact suspension performance.


Upgrading to Legend Suspensions provides:


  • Superior damping – Better control, spring, and shock movements over uneven surfaces
  • Greater adjustability – Accommodates different riders, loads
  • Enhanced durability – Structural integrity maintains precise handling longer
  • Custom tuning – Tailored configuration for a personalized ride



Simply put, companies like Legend engineer higher-performing, longer-lasting suspension systems designed to improve control, comfort, and confidence for a wide range of riders and riding styles.

 Stock SuspensionLegend Suspensions
AdjustabilityLimitedFully customizable
Bottoming OutQuickExceptional stability & control
Ride ComfortHarshUltra-smooth on bumps
DurabilityFades quicklyMaintains precise handling
CustomizationOne-size-fits-allTuned for specific rider & bike

Corner Better and smoother with Legend Suspensions

So what specifically, does upgrading to Legend Suspensions actually improve? From backroad carving to long-haul touring, there are a few key benefits applicable to most riders.

Sharper, More Precise Handling

With stock suspension, pushing a bike’s handling limits through tight winding corners or quick chicane transitions puts stability and traction at risk. Legend Suspensions, in contrast, utilizes higher quality damping rods, piston bands, and carefully constructed shim stacks to essentially “tighten up” a bike’s handling. The resulting road contact, even load distribution, and limited chassis movement will allow you to rail corners with confidence.

Enhanced Ride Comfort

Another prime advantage comes from Legend’s exacting ride quality. Purpose-built shock bodies with optimized oil flows and volumes soak up road impacts and vibration far better than stock. This translates into an ultra-plush, smooth sensation over cracked pavement, railroad tracks, and potholes. 
Long days in the saddle take a toll on your body, but rider fatigue can be significantly reduced by upgrading to Legend Suspensions performance shocks. Targeted damping takes the bite out of sudden bumps while controlled rebounding prevents wallowing handling. Say goodbye to those unexpected kidney punches and sore backside!


Top quality suspension provides greater control of your ride with less physical effort.  Once you upgrade and experience the difference, you’ll wonder why you didn’t reward yourself sooner.

Easy Adjustability

Unlike OEM shocks with no or minimal tuning options, Legend packs adjustability into most of their systems. Convenient hand knobs allow quick preload and rebound tuning while adjustable length shock bodies and links permit ride height changes.

This adaptability lets you dial in settings for riding two-up, fully loaded touring, or aggressive solo mountain carving, all on the same bike. Expect a transformative ride customized to your individual needs and style.

Legend Suspensions Product Lines

Legend Suspensions offers three main product lines catering to Harley-Davidson® owners with a focus on riding style and intended use:

AXEO Touring & Comfort Series

The touring-oriented AXEO combines exceptional comfort and control for long-distance rides fully loaded. A hallmark single-sided spring removes torsional stresses. While the shocks themselves allow adjustments to preload, hydraulic damping, and ride height.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-smooth damping over any surface
  • Tuned for touring rider posture
  • Protects loaded components from damage
  • Adjustable spring preload via hand knob
  • Anodized 6061 billet aluminum construction

REVO Performance Series

Serious corner carvers demand the precision handling and turn-in response of the REVO series. Utilizing race-inspired damping curves and spring rates, REVO reduces chassis movement for relentless traction during aggressive riding.


Key Features:

  • Ultra-smooth damping over any surface
  • Tuned for touring rider posture
  • Protects loaded components from damage
  • Adjustable spring preload via hand knob
  • Anodized 6061 billet aluminum construction

AIR Adjustable Air Series

Providing convenience and versatility, Legends AIR systems allow adjustment of spring preload pressure by simply pumping up the shocks’ integrated airbags. Riders can stiffen or soften the suspension to account for loads, passengers, and preferences with the push of a button.

Key Features

  • Infinitely variable spring preload tuning
  • Smooth over road imperfections
  • Maintains generous suspension travel
  • Integrated air pump included
  • Anodized billet aluminum construction

Dialed-In: Installation & Tuning

Transforming your motorcycle’s handling requires proper installation and tuning. Luckily, Legend Suspensions systems bolt onto most Harley-Davidson’s® without additional modifications. However, it’s still best to have a certified mechanic perform the swap.


With the suspension itself dialed in from Legend Suspensions factory settings, riders can then fine-tune to their heart’s content. Adjustments to alter ride height, preload, rebound, and compression damping allow customizing a truly personalized ride.


Ride Harder and Smoother with Legend Suspensions


Upgrading from stock motorcycle suspension may seem
unnecessary to those that have never experienced the difference in quality… The
benefits of enhanced control, comfort, and adjustability provided by Legend
Suspensions are well worth the time and effort to make the change. With decades
of race-proven designs across a variety of metric, standard, cruiser, and
touring models, Legend Suspensions engineer suspension that conquers both
pavement and podium.

If exploring the handling limits of your Harley-Davidson® or
smoothing out aging OEM components sounds appealing, then Legend Suspensions
should be at the top of your list for essential upgrades. Their build quality,
attention to detail, and flexible configurations tick all the boxes for a
transformative suspension update.

Ride faster, longer, and happier by installing Legend Suspension on your ride. Check out our website for more info on front and rear suspension from this leading USA Manufacturer.

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