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About Bob LePera

Bob LePera started working in his parent’s Leather Goods Shop when he was 12 years old.  He began designing exotic watch bands, belts & wallets in his early teen years.

At the age of 16 his passion turned to cars and this led to him upgrading the interior of his super-charged Studebaker Lark with custom leather work.

Within a couple of weeks of showing off his Lark to friends and Greaser buddies he had a waiting list of customers wanting a “Bob LePera” custom interior for their cars.

In the 60’s he started working full-time alongside Tony Nancy specializing in upholstery for dragsters, show and exotic cars.  As the chopper scene exploded in the 70’s Bob Lepera began making custom motorcycle seats.  He loved the choppers and also loved that his seats were on display for everyone to see, not hidden inside a car.

In 1972 he began is own company dedicated to making the highest quality motorcycle seats.  this was the birth of LePera Enterprises.

Sadly, Bob Sr. passed away in 2008.  However the family legacy lives on with Bob Jr. as head seat designer and his daughter Christine managing the sales force, dealer & distributor network.


Steel & Craftsmanship: Building a LePera Seat

LePera continues to exlcusively use steel for all of their seat bases.  All brackets are securely welded or bolted with weld nuts.  This feature combined with their steel forming process provides the cleanest tight fitting base plate for your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle.

LePera uses a specially poured high density “Marathon” moulded foam foundation to provide comfort on long rides.  The base plates are powder coated and edged with metal reinforced vinyl protectant, then the bottom of the face plate is carpeted to prevent any wear & tear on your fender.

The seat cover material is premium naugahyde or top grain leather and double stitched with bonded polyester thread. 

The attention to detail and craftsmanship is clear.  Once a rider owns a LePera seat they are hooked and if they swap to a different model bike they generally install a new LePera seat ASAP.  the quality is undeniable.

LePera Seats for Harley-Davidson® Motorcycles Only

Bob LePera first fell in love with Harley-Davidson® motorcycles and decided to focus 100% on producing the best quality seats available for this motorcycle company, excluding all other brands.  Rather than spreading his attention across multiple manufactures LePera kept a narrow focus and established a solid reputation for superior handmade quality seats.

LePera Kickflip - An Ideal Balance of Comfort & Control

The Kickflip is fast becoming the most popular choice in seat style due to it’s all around functionality.

The step-up design acts as a mini seat backrest helping to lock you into your seated position for more stability and control of your bike.  This provides a great level of comfort and reduces the stress on your arm muscles and grip during long rides.

The step-up design is also popular with the adventurous rider pushing the limits of bike control with burnouts, drifting and wheelies.

A great all rounder design and now available to fit most Harley-Davidson® models. 

Rollie’s stocks LePera seats for a huge range of Harley-Davidson® motorcycles, both new and old.

Click on an image below to view any of these seats in our online store.

A Wide Variety of Styles & Options...

Rollie’s stocks a huge range of LePera seats to fit most models of Harley-Davidson® motorcycles, both new and old.

The most popular are displayed below.  Click on any image to view these seats in our online store.

LePera Bare Bones Solo – Give your motorcycle that extreme, slammed look with the lowest, most narrow production seat in existence.

LePera Kickflip – The maximized back support and ample seating area offer plenty of options for riding – or showing off – at a moment’s notice.

LePera Maverick – Beautiful shape features touring comfort and style. Maverick provides maximum lower back support.

LePera Silhouette – Creates the look your Dyna deserves, with flowing, swept back lines and perfectly sculpted marathon foam.

LePera Daytona – Cafe racer styling, perfect for all day cruising.

LePera Sorrento – The Sorrento is a fusion of Silhouette style and Maverick comfort.  The entire seat has been shaved down for a flowing profile.

LePera Tailwhip – If it’s more comfort for the passenger or just another platform to let your adventurous side explore, the whipped-up tail of the TailWhip will give you what you are looking for!

Le Pera Sanora Solo – Vintage styling accents create a nostalgic look.  It’s styling makes this the perfect mid-range solo.

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