Installing handlebars on a Street 500 is now a whole lot easier thanks to the fantastic new Mid Front Brake Line / ABS Adapter from Magnum Shielding.

The Magnum Shielding Street 500 Brake Line install Kit/Adapter makes changing ABS brake lines simple. With the install kit, only upper brake line replacement is required, saving you heaps of time and hassle.

Meeting or exceeding all Harley-Davidson ABS requirements, the Mid Brake Line Runs from the ABS control Unit & connects directly into the appropriate length Magnum upper Brake Line, making the once tedious task of brake line replacement a breeze.

Built to Magnum’s industry-leading standards, the Mid Brake Line has a Black Pearl finish to match Magnum’s premium cables. 

For more information on brake line installation and cable lengths, contact Rollies on 07 3252 5381