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Are You Running Performance Parts?

It’s rare to find someone running all stock parts on their Harley-Davidson®…

If you’ve changed your air filter from stock to a performance part then your engine will be running lean prior to a fresh EFI tune.  If you’ve also upgraded your Exhaust/Muffler then this is compounded further altering your air flow to fuel ratio.  Now you’re running extra lean on the standard EFI settings.

Continuous use running lean can cause damage to your engine which can obviously be a very expensive problem. A problem that can easily be avoided with correct tuning.

You need a way of adding fuel to compensate for all the extra air flowing in and out.  The correct settings will also improve your engines performance in low, mid and high range.  That’s why you added better parts in the first place.

A great solution for managing your EFI Mapping is the Maximus Fuel Injection Tuner.  By working with your local dealer/tuner and having your own Maximus unit paired to your bike you’ll be able to keep your Harley-Davidson® running at it’s optimal settings.

Maximus Fuel Injection Tuner. Fits H-D 2001up with Delphi EFI.

The Maximus is made by TechnoResearch and it’s an amazing bit of tech that can keep your bike tuned correctly as you grow and continue modifying with performance parts.  It allows for an extensive range of high performance parts at peak levels.

Note: The Harley-Davidson® Pro Street Tuner only allows for official Harley-Davidson® Parts that comply with strict EPA standards.

Maximus is an all in one tool that has been developed for all Harley-Davidson® models built from 2001 up. Maximus allows for backing-up and restoring original maps and performing routine diagnostics. It’s the perfect replacement for Harley-Davidson’s discontinued tuner.

Direct Link tuning keys provide the most extensive, professional, easy-to-use flash tuning capabilities available.

They can be used with any TechnoResearch VCM-TR3 (Centurion Pro, Pro Plus or Tune Builder) and they even include an Auto Mapping feature which greatly reduces the user’s need to do cell-by-cell tuning calculations.

You can modify the fuel and spark tables (front and rear cylinders), air fuel ratio, warm-up fuel, cranking fuel, closed loop, acceleration and deceleration, rev limiter, knock control and the list goes on.

Features Include:

  • Keeps your bike running smoother for longer
  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Tune and flash stock ECUs
  • No piggybacking
  • No extra wires
  • Rich features and possibilities
  • Easy to use no matter your experience with tuners
  • Works with TechnoResearch’s Direct Link and Centurion Super Pro Plus (details below)

With the discontinuing of the Harley-Davidson® Super Tuner, many riders and bike tuners alike have been searching for a worthy replacement. Michigan based company TechnoResearch has delivered the Maximus, a feature-packed tuner that delivers on all fronts.

We still recommend booking your bike in for a professional Dyno Tune by your local Dealer/Tuner.  Let them know that you have a Maximus and they will work with you to get everything setup correctly.  You will then have your new settings saved as a base map.

Note: The Maximus can be used on one motorcycle an unlimited number of times, but not multiple bikes.

At first I thought this could be costly if you like to buy and sell bikes but then I found the upside… If you sell your bike then add in the Maximus Tuner to your sale price.  You get your money back and the person buying your bike knows that you have taken great care with it’s engine.  The bike is obviously properly tuned, well cared for and worth a premium price.

Focus on Lifetime Value Over Cheap Imitations

There are cheaper options on the market that work by fooling your motorcycle into thinking it’s all good.  However your bike will run it’s diagnostics on startup and see an issue because these cheaper products are sitting in between parts and your bike knows something is wrong.  It will let it slide for a while but eventually the bike will refuse to start until you remove the cheap component causing the diagnostic glitch.

Once the cheap part is disconnected your bike will run again but it will still have the stock electronic mapping that is incorrect for your modified bike.

If you want an EFI Tuner that will grow with you then invest in a TechnoResearch Maximus. It’s great value for money and will see you through upgrade after upgrade on your bike.

Note: The Maximus can be used on one motorcycle an unlimited number of times, but not multiple bikes.


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