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Memphis Shades Fairings: A Deep Dive into Road Warrior Fairings

Touring the open road on a motorcycle can be an incredibly liberating experience. The freedom of the ride coupled with gorgeous, ever-changing scenery makes for an unforgettable adventure. However, enduring long distances in the saddle can also be fatiguing without proper provisions for comfort. This is where quality aftermarket accessories like Memphis Shades Road Warrior Fairings can make all the difference.


Motorcycle fairings are external shells that reduce drag and provide wind protection. They are invaluable for improving comfort on lengthy motorcycle tours. Fairings divert windblast away from the rider, reducing fatigue and allowing you to stay alert and enjoy the miles ahead.


Memphis Shades Road Warrior Fairings are a popular aftermarket choice for upgrading the riding experience on touring bikes and converting standard models into more touring-capable machines. Available in a variety of sizes to fit most motorcycles, these reasonably priced ABS plastic fairings boast an array of practical features for enhancing long-haul rides.



Key Takeaways
1. Introduction to Road Warrior Fairings
2. Features of Memphis Shades Road Warrior Fairings
3. Benefits of Memphis Shades Road Warrior Fairings
5. Conclusion
road warrior fairing 2

Features of Memphis Shades Road Warrior Fairings

Constructed from durable and flexible ABS composite, Memphis Shades Road Warrior Fairings are built to last. They come with a scratch-resistant UV-protectant finish that helps fend off cracking and fading even under extreme riding conditions.


These wind-cheating fairings are secured to the motorcycle’s forks using strong steel brackets and stainless steel fastening hardware. Tool-free detachable fasteners make occasional removal quick and straightforward.

One standout feature of the Road Warrior series is its versatile size options, varying in windshield sizes from 9 – 17 inches tall.

Features in a Nut Shell:

  • Crafted from durable and flexible ABS composite, ensuring longevity and resilience on the road.
  • Scratch-resistant UV-protectant finish prevents cracking and fading even under extreme riding conditions.
  • Secured to the forks with robust steel brackets and stainless steel fastening hardware for a secure fit.
  • Tool-free detachable fasteners for easy removal, making maintenance and customization straightforward.
  • Multiple windshield sizes from 9 inches up to 17 inches.
road warrior fairing 1

Benefits of Memphis Shades Road Warrior Fairings

One of the best aspects of motorcycle touring is embracing the elements and environments encountered on the open road. That said, enduring adverse weather and punishing winds for hours at highway speeds quickly loses its charm without adequate provisions for protection.


Let’s look at some of the core benefits provided by Memphis Shades Road Warrior Fairings:


Wind and Weather Protection


A set of full fairings converts an otherwise naked bike into a veritable cocoon on wheels. The exterior ABS plastic shell wards off cold winds, light rain, and road debris that would otherwise bombard unprotected riders. This goes a long way towards reducing physical strain and mental fatigue over long days.


By smoothly redirecting airflow around instead of into riders, Memphis Shades touring fairings substantially reduce wind blasts and turbulence. The result is vastly improved comfort mile after mile, allowing touring riders to simply relax and enjoy the ride. Neck strain from wrestling with side winds also becomes a thing of the past.


road warrior fairing 3
road warrior fairing 4

Stay Fresh and Alert Longer


It’s nearly impossible to arrive refreshed after a full day battling winds and weather without protective fairings. The relentless pummeling saps energy and concentration faster than you expect.


Fairings transform the ride experience by providing a calm, protective bubble for riders to settle into. Hours zoom by with less perceived effort, letting touring riders stay energized and attentive longer. Pulling into the next stopover less fatigued means more enthusiasm for enjoying the locale once boots hit the ground!


Improved Fuel Efficiency


An additional boost provided by motorcycle fairings is improved fuel efficiency, especially at sustained highway speeds. Reducing drag and airflow friction lets your engine expend less effort pushing through the wind. The end result is decent mileage savings over the course of a long motorcycle tour.




Memphis Shades Road Warrior Fairing: Base Options

Memphis Shades Road Warrior Fairings have multiple bases in order to suit a variety of models and headlight fitments. Here are some examples:

Road Warrior Fairing. Dyna 1991-2005.

Road Warrior Fairing Dyna 1991 2005.

Road Warrior Fairing. Dyna Fat Bob 2008-2017

Road Warrior Fairing Dyna Fat Bob 2008 2017

Road Warrior Fairing. Fits Fat Bob 2018up.

Road Warrior Fairing Fits Fat Bob 2018up

Road Warrior Fairing. Fits All Road King Models 1994up.

Road Warrior Fairing Fits All Road King Models 1994up

Memphis Shades Road Warrior Fairing: Windshield Options

Memphis Shades offer a range of windshield options. With various sizes available across the Road Warrior series, riders can choose the windshield that best complements their motorcycle model and desired level of protection. These windshields are crafted with precision to balance style and functionality, providing effective wind deflection for a more comfortable ride. Each windshield option contributes to the overall aesthetic of the fairing, offering riders the opportunity to customize their Road Warrior Fairing based on individual tastes and riding needs.

Road Warrior Windshield – 9in. Dark Black Smoke

Road Warrior Windshield – 15in. Black Smoke

Road Warrior Windshield 15in Black Smoke

Vented Road Warrior Windshield – 13in. Black Smoke

Vented Road Warrior Windshield 13in Black Smoke

Vented Road Warrior Windshield – 17in. Black Smoke

road warrior fairing 6

Memphis Shades Road Warrior Fairings: The Face Of Modern Clubstyle Builds

Memphis Shades Road Warrior Fairings have become a common and favored feature in Clubstyle Harley-Davidson® builds due to their versatile design and practical features. The fairings offer a sleek and aggressive aesthetic that aligns with the sporty and performance-oriented look desired in Clubstyle customization. The customizable size options, robust construction, make them well-suited for the dynamic needs of Clubstyle builds. Whether it’s the ability to deflect wind on the highway or the overall enhanced riding experience, Memphis Shades Road Warrior Fairings have earned their place as a popular choice among enthusiasts seeking both style and functionality in their Clubstyle Harley-Davidson® transformations.

Here are some great examples taken from the @memphisshades instagram:

road warrior fairing 7
road warrior fairing 9
road warrior fairing 10
road warrior fairing 11


Memphis Shades Road Warrior Fairings deliver exceptional utility for riders focused on eating up serious miles in comfort. Constructed from durable and resilient materials, they withstand thousands of miles of road punishment while sheltering riders.


Thoughtful design elements like adjustable ventilation and windshield angles provide customizable protection from the elements so you can push on in comfort.

While adding some weight and moderately altering aesthetics, most touring riders find any tradeoffs well worth the benefits. Memphis Shades fairings are a smart upgrade for amplifying the enjoyment of long-distance motorcycle travel.


They allow motorcycle tourists and adventurers to immerse themselves in the journey rather than merely enduring mile after weary mile.



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