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Avon Cobra Chrome: Superior Motorcycle Tyre Performance

100+ Years of Experience & Development

Avon Tyres, a renowned UK-based company with over a century of experience in manufacturing high-quality tyres for every type of motorcycle, has once again exceeded expectations with their range of Cobra Chrome tyres. This updated version of their previous Cobra tyre is specifically designed to cater to the sport/cruiser market, offering an impressive selection of 68 different sizes and construction designs to fit every need.

Subtly designed to appeal to riders’ sense of style, the Cobra Chrome is more than just a pretty face. It has been put to the test and has emerged as the ultimate motorcycle tyre for both performance and versatility

Avon Motorcycle Tyres

Cobra Chrome Motorcycle Tyres – Tested By An Expert On Road & Track

Recently, a motorcycle enthusiast had the opportunity to test a set of Cobra Chrome tyres on their Harley-Davidson V-Rod Street Rod, which had been modified for track racing.

During the test, the Cobra Chrome proved to be a game-changer, offering exceptional grip and predictability, even when pushed to its limits on the track. The snake pattern on the tyre’s edge did not hinder its performance once the suspension was dialed in, and it handled high speeds with ease. It even proved to be exceptional during heavy braking and hard cornering, with no loss of traction.

After a full day of hard riding, the tyres showed similar wear patterns to that of a top-of-the-line track tyre, indicating their longevity and durability. The Cobra Chrome even performed exceptionally well on the road, offering excellent tractability and comfort in colder temperatures.

Motorcycle Tyres - Avon Cobra Chrome

Great Performance in Different Conditions

For those looking for the perfect blend of style and performance, the Avon Cobra Chrome should be at the top of their list. It offers riders confidence and control, no matter what type of riding they enjoy. With its vast selection of sizes and construction designs, riders can find the perfect fit for their bike. Not only is it a great value, but it is also a top-performing tyre that will give riders the grip and performance they need on the road and on the track.

Wet Conditions

Avon Cobra Tyres provide superior grip and stability in wet conditions, thanks to their advanced silica compound and directional tread pattern. Riders can enjoy a safe and comfortable ride even when it’s raining.

Dry Conditions

The multi-tread compound of Avon Cobra Tyres offers superior handling and stability in dry conditions, making them a top choice for riders who enjoy high-speed riding in dry conditions.


Avon Cobra Tyres provide excellent grip and stability when cornering, even at high speeds. This is an essential feature for riders who love to take corners with confidence and enjoy a safe and comfortable ride.

Cobra Chrome motorcycle tyres are designed to offer maximum comfort, even on long-distance rides. They feature a special rubber compound that absorbs shock and vibration, reducing fatigue and making your ride more comfortable than ever before. With Cobra Chrome motorcycle tyres, you can enjoy a smoother, more comfortable ride, whether you’re riding around town or exploring the open road.

In addition to their superior performance and durability, Cobra Chrome tyres also look great on your motorcycle. These motorcycle tyres feature a sleek and stylish design that will make your bike stand out from the crowd. Their unique tread pattern is sure to turn heads wherever you go. With Cobra Chrome tyres, you can enjoy the best of both worlds: superior performance and style.

Avon Cobra Chrome Motorcycle Tyres

Avon Cobra Chrome Tyres provide several key features that position them as one of the best motorcycle tyres available on the market:

Advanced Silica Compound

Avon Cobra Chrome Tyres use a specially formulated silica compound that provides excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions, as well as improved fuel efficiency and longer tyre life.

Multi-Tread Compound

The multi-tread compound of the Cobra Chrome Tyres offers superior handling and stability, even in high-speed corners, making them a top choice for riders who want a safe and comfortable ride in extreme conditions.

Directional Tread Pattern

The directional tread pattern of Avon Cobra Chrome Tyres is designed to evacuate water from the tyre surface, improving wet grip and reducing the risk of aquaplaning, making them a crucial feature for riders who ride in wet conditions.

Optimal Contact Patch

These Motorcycle Tyres are designed with an optimal contact patch, providing excellent grip and stability even at high speeds. This feature is crucial for riders who prefer high-speed riding and taking corners with confidence.

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Avon Cobra Tyres are the top choice for riders who prioritize superior performance and handling capabilities. These motorcycle tyres offer advanced silica compound, multi-tread compound, directional tread pattern, and optimal contact patch to provide a safe and enjoyable riding experience in all conditions. Whether you are a seasoned rider or just starting out, Avon Cobra Tyres will meet your expectations and guarantee a comfortable and safe ride. Try them today and experience the difference they make.

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