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American manufacturer and champion bike builders Klock Werks are known for their innovative range of motorcycle products. Their new range of device mounts makes it easier than ever for every rider to have their smart right at their fingertips no matter where you are or what you ride.

Other device mounts on the market suffer from a range of issues. Some require ugly, bulky cases, which are impractical when you’re not on your bike. Others use grips that can be impossible to get your phone into or impossible to get tight enough. If it takes you more than a second to get your device on or off your bike the whole thing can get a bit frustrating.

The new Klock Werks mounts, made in partnership with iOmounts, have solved all these issues. Each of their mounts consists of two key parts. A super thin, adhesive steel disc adheres to your phone or phone case, while the ultra-strong magnetic mount attaches securely to your bike.

The simplicity of the system makes it compatible with almost any hand-held device. No special cases are required for your phone or tablet, and no claw-like gripping mechanisms are left on your bike.

The magnetic mount and adhesive discs have been put through extensive testing, from extended 80mph road riding to rough trail riding; even a high speed off road buggy couldn’t produce a wobble from the Klock Werks device mounts.

Klock Werks offer two device mount options. The Center Riser Device Mount fits most ‘84+ Harley-Davidson models with 3.5” center to center risers. The mount attaches permanently to the center riser and is the preferred choice for regular riders who use their devices for navigation, speedo apps, or music. The center riser positioning makes it easy to access your device and ensures it won’t obstruct your visibility. The mount itself is small, unobtrusive and available in black or chrome to ensure it suits your bike’s style.

The second offering in the Klock Werks device mount range is the Nomad™ Universal Mount. With its flexible strap mount, the Nomad™ is quick and easy to install on any bar that is .5” TO 2” in diameter. The flexibility offered by the Nomad means you can use it on virtually any motorcycle, or in a huge range of powersports or cycling applications.

So no matter what device you use, what you use it for, or what you ride, a Klock Werks Device Mount will keep your device mounted securely and in style.


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