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S&S Cycle have the perfect solution for one of the more common mechanical issues with Harley-Davidson’s twin cam engines that arises from day-to-day wear inflicted on the stock cam chain tensioners.

This seemingly innocuous part can be the Achilles heel of your Harley-Davidson®. The cam chain tensioners use a plastic shoe that rides on the cam chains, that naturally wear out with continued use. It is imperative that worn tensioners are replaced or metal-to-metal contact can occur. Such grinding, if not caught early, can cause catastrophic engine failure, including damaged cams, pistons, crankshaft and even engine cases.

The simple solution is to replace the stock cam chain tensioners with the new Hydraulic Cam Chain Tensioner Kit from industry heavyweights S&S Cycle. With their usual clinical precision, S&S have created a superior, more durable cam chain tensioner.

The thicker shoe provides for more durability, and the entire shoe assembly has been improved to provide more control for the drive chain. Additionally, chain oilers lubricate the cam chain right at the point of contact with the shoe, minimising wear.

Bolt-in fitting for 2007-2016 models, while 1999-2005 models can use the tensioners with the S&S TC3 Cam Plate and Oil pump Conversion Kit.

Perfect for high performance and every day usage, S&S Hydraulic Cam Chain Tensioners are an affordable way to add longevity and performance to your valve train.


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