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ThunderMax® is an award winning performance Electronic Control Module (ECM) designed specifically for Harley Davidson® motorcycles equipped with Electronic Fuel Injection.

Their highly advanced, stand-alone tuning systems utilize proprietary AutoTune technology that interface with wide-band oxygen sensors to automatically adjust a wide range of throttle positions and RPM ranges to deliver unmatched performance and drive-ability.

ThunderMax’s all new WaveTune Technology utilizes 18mm wide-band oxygen sensor feedback to continuously adjust and anticipate engine fueling requirements. WaveTune can now precisely tune more than 3 times faster than any other tuning system available. It provides more accurate and consistent tuning professional tuners and enthusiasts. Watch the video to see it in action.

ThunderMax® is made in the USA and comes 100% assembled, ready to install with no wire-cutting or splicing required. Simply replace the factory ECM and oxygen sensors, load a map, and enjoy your new ride!

ThunderMax Benefits Include:

ThunderMax System Includes:


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