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The Pan-America marks a significant departure for Harley-Davidson, as it is the company’s first foray into the adventure touring motorcycle segment.

The bike comes with a ton of technology features, such as a full-colour TFT display, cornering ABS, and multiple ride modes. You’ll be safer on the road/tracks with the new Reflex Defensive Rider Systems (RDRS) that have cornering traction control and hill hold control… But we’re not here to talk about the stock Pan-America, let’s look at the parts available to customize your ride and improve performance…

Customize Your Pan-America

Performance Boosting Slip-On Mufflers

The Pan-America is great bike to ride but the stock exhaust is underwhelming due to Harley-Davidson needing to comply with American regulations.  If you’d prefer an exhaust sound that gets you heart racing before you even twist the throttle, then we have some options in stock for you.

Add Extra Power and a more Aggressive Sound to your Pan-America with one of these Performance Slip-On Mufflers…

Pan America - S&S Slip-On Muffler Kit 07

Slip On Muffler With Carbon Fibre End Cap – Stainless – Fits Pan America 2021up

PART No: SS550-1080

Pan-America SuperTrapp Muffler ST-525-71250

V5 Slip On Muffler – Stainless – Fits Pan America 2021up

PART No: ST-525-71250

Pan-America TBR Muffler TBR-005-5380409-BLK

S1R Slip On Muffler – Black – Fits Pan America 2021up

PART No: TBR-005-5380409-BLK

Add Comfort To Your Pan-America Adventures

Are you an Adventure rider looking for a comfortable seat that can help you rack up big miles in comfort?

Look no further than the Saddlemen Adventure Tour Seat! Saddlemen’s proprietary Gel-Core Technology is their secret behind these comfortable seats.  It works by reducing engine vibration by 50% and damping road/track shock by a whopping 90%.

This means you can stay in the saddle for much longer without feeling uncomfortable. Once you try the Saddlemen Adventure Tour Seat, you’ll wish you’d fitted one to your Pan-America a lot sooner.

Adventure Tour Dual Seat – Fits Pan America 2021up

PART No: SAD-821-34-200

Adventure Tour Low Dual Seat – Fits Pan America 2021up

PART No: SAD-821-34-201

YES! You Can Lower Your Pan-America

The Pan-America is a tall ride, designed that way to give you plenty of clearance and shock movement while riding on punishing off-road tracks.  However, not all of us intend to throw this bike around and push it to it’s limits, also some of us have shorter legs than others which can be annoying when you need to reach the ground to stabilize yourself.  these Lowering Kits from Kodlin really make a difference.

It may only be 1″ or 2″ but that makes it much easier to control your bike in all conditions by lowering your centre of gravity and making it easier to plant your feet when needed.  These are a great way to lower your Pan-America without modifying your suspension.

1in Lowering Kit for Pan-America 01

1″ Lowering Kit – Fits Pan America 2021up

PART No: KM-K66031

2″ Lowering Kit – Fits Pan America 2021up

PART No: KM-K66029

Why Not Upgrade When Replacing Parts On Your Pan-America?

If you’re really getting the most out of your Pan-America then you’ll need to replace your clutch and brakes.  This is a great opportunity to upgrade those parts, enhancing the performance of your clutch control and braking capabilities.

Barnett Clutch Kit for Pan-America

Clutch Kit – Fits Pan America & Sportster S 2021up

PART No: B-304-30-20019

Floating Wave Disc Rotor fits Pan-America

12.5″ Front Wave Floating Disc Rotor – Contrast Cut
Fits Pan America 2021up with Spoke Wheels


Pan-America Adventure Bike

There Are More Parts Arriving For The Pan-America…

The Pan-America is a bold move for Harley-Davidson, as it marks the company’s first foray into the adventure touring segment. However, early reviews of the bike have been overwhelmingly positive, with many riders praising its performance, comfort, and technology features.  The success of this model means that top performance part manufacturers are continuing to develop more quality upgrades and cool new accessories for you to customize your ride.

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